The Dark Knight vs. The Usual Suspects



The Usual Suspects


Breaking the tie and going with Batman.

The Dark Knight is a masterpiece of its genre.

Usual suspects but im not 100% sure

I gotta go with the Suspects, but this is a tough call...

Both are outstanding movies. Both have top notch performances by their respective antagonists. Spacey as Soze and Ledger as Joker are equally brilliant. I'm going with The Usual Suspects though, if for no other reason, because Bale's voice as Batman was unforgiveable.

A silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight.

Both in my top 20, but im going with The Dark Knight

Dark Knight. I should watch Usual Suspects again, though.

Both in my top 20, The Usual Suspects

I'm going to be the lone wolf here and pick Dark Knight.

The usual suspects and its not even close

The Dark Knight easily prevails. The Usual Suspects is good, but TDK set the bar high and the groundwork for future comic book adaptations to come.

Honestly, I'm not really that sure. Both are multilayered and complex films with twists and turns in them, with fantastic acting in them. Everyone in both movies gives a great performance. I think Ledger and Spacey give equally amazing performances, and the stories in both are phenomenal. I think TDK currently takes this just cause it's just a bit more memorable than TUS, but this could very well change soon

Okay, after rewatching both of them I have to change my mind. TUS has a brilliant screenplay, a perfect use of the unreliable narrator trope, several good to great twists before its final one, interesting characters, a great cast with brilliant performances, flawless cinematography and editing, and one of the best uses of non-linear storytelling out there