The Dark Knight vs. The King of Comedy



Oh, bravo, Flickchart! The Dark Knight vs. The King of Comedy, huh? Ell-Oh-Effing-Ellz.

Both are stellar pictures, but I must say TDK by a hair.

The King of Comedy is spectacular: a fresh Robert De Niro performance, a goal the character irritatingly tries to achieve and some humorous moments. But I truly prefer The Dark Knight for its top of the line antagonist and the great story.

I owe The King of Comedy another viewing, but I don't think it would make much of a difference in this matchup. The Dark Knight obliterates it.

Why did I say TDK? Looking at this now, The King of Comedy is the clear winner.

Ah, anyone here from Gotham? . . . Alright then, we can all calm down.

Yep, I'm with Boonmee, I am also switching to The King of Comedy.

[Insert SquareMaster related joke here]. King of Comedy.

The King of Comedy is entertaining but I prefer the dark drama of The Dark Knight.

The King of Comedy is miles ahead of every Nolan film.

The Dark Knight in a close one...

This one is closer than it should be but, generic decision, I’m going with The Dark Knight!