The Dark Knight vs. The Shawshank Redemption



Not fair.

A Epic Battle.

Shawshank is pure amazingness and The Dark Knight is pure awesomeness. Awesomeness wins!

My all time favorite movie, even after over 31,000 rankings. Shawshank is the easy winner every time.

This is ridiculously tough.

I didn't see The Shawshank Redemption, but i'm sure it's not better than Batman: The Dark Knight.

If you haven't seen Shawshank, then you can't really vote on this issue. I understand that you believe that The Dark Knight is an awesome movie. I agree, it is awesome. Personally, for me, Shawshank will stand the test of time better than Dark Knight. I also believe I could watch Shawshank more times than Dark Knight before i got bored of either. Normally I don't get bothered by people's personal opinions on movies. Taste is a very subjective thing. You are not wrong for thinking that Dark Knight might be better than Shawshank, I don't have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with, however, is this. I believe that Flickchart is for people who love movies. Absolutely, down to their core, LOVE movies. And, if you haven't seen The Shawshank Redemption, then you are not a movie fan, thus your opinion carries no weight.

Ugh, tough choice! I've gotta agree that so far, Shawshank has withstood the test of time *and* multiple viewings for me... still have to see if Dark Knight will... I'd probably need to re-watch Dark Knight a few more times before I could rank it higher.

Are you serious? Shawshank.

*Flips a coin* Dark Knight. This time. Barely. Stupid coin.

Shawshank. The Dark Knight is awesome but we'll see how it holds up in a few more years.

Shawshank is a very good movie, but ridiculously overrated recently. Dark Knight wins for me. Just had more fun with it.

This would have been a more entertaining debate right when TDK came out but Shawshank is the clear winner here.


There is no comparison... The Shawshank Redemption wins by far

How is the Dark Knight #1 on Flickchart? It's good, but not better than Shawshank and especially not better than the original 2 star wars films.

Damn thats a good one. Dark Knight, but only just.

i can watch Shawshank over and over again and never get tired of it. TDK bored me at some parts the first time i saw it. Shawshank without a doubt

Nothing can beat Shawshank, although the dark knight makes you re-think that decision.

Tough one, but because I love action/thrillers I will go with TDK

I can guarantee in 10 years, well maybe not guarantee but I strongly feel, that The Dark Night will not hold up to the test of time. It is purely a blockbuster and will be surpassed by more big budget blockbusters. Shawshank on the other hand is an actually well made, well scripted and well acted movie that while not perfect has continued to movie viewers 15 years later.

Yikes, tough one! Though TDK has one of the best performances of recent memory in it, I think that Shawshank is better made. It's an extremely borderline win, though.

Dark Knight is awesome! Will no doubt be remembered as a classic action movie like Terminator 2 and Die Hard...but Shawshank Redemption is one of those life changing movies. BTW both movies had Morgan Freeman in it and he is one of the best actor ever!! :-)

These movies are like the two sides of Harvey Two-Face's coin: Shawshank bears one of the brightest and most upbeat endings of all time, and The Dark Knight is devastating. Both movies are fantastically made by a couple of my favorite directors (Frank Darabont and Christopher Nolan are both geniuses; I don't care what anybody says). Both feature phenomenal acting, by their entire casts. (Robbins and Freeman get all the hype for Shawshank, Ledger for TDK; but everyone else in these movies is fantastic as well.) Do I prefer the happy feelings that Shawshank instills? Do I prefer the dark, dystopian vision of TDK? For me, it's not about that. I gained a greater appreciation of Shawshank after watching it a second time, but TDK I loved right out of the gate. #2 on my Flickchart for many damn good reasons.

@vokalist: IMHO, it's absolutely wrong to tell somebody they are not a movie fan just because they haven't seen The Shawshank Redemption. Take a look at my profile, and you'll see I haven't seen many movies that a lot of people consider "essential": The Godfather, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Reservoir Dogs, Shaun of the Dead...friggin' Casablanca. (I've seen Pulp Fiction, but it was so long ago, I don't even remember the thing.) I hated The Shining; does that make me someone who doesn't love movies? However...I do agree that nobody should be voting on a movie they've never seen....

This is an interesting match-up. Although I think Shawshank is the better of the two I think both are extremely overrated films. If it weren't for Ledger's performance, Dark Knight would have been a medicore movie at best (and it is still 30 minutes too long) and I never understood the slew of interest in Shawshank over the past 10 years; it seems that I run into a bunch of people that have it as one of their favorite movies and I can't figure out why. Don't get me wrong, it's a GOOD movie but I don't see how it is great.

Shawshank is the better film, in my opinion, and as already said, without Heath Ledger, Dark Knight wouldn't be considered nearly so great. Shawshank is a great film, Dark Knight is a great performance. I think Dark Knight is a more entertaining movie, but Shawshank is easily a better film.

Uh, anything that goes up against TDK is gonna win. What a joke of a movie. Shawshank is a moving and beautifully made film.

TDK wins on the strength of Ledger's performance alone.

ok im not a big fan of batman but when dark knight came out i watched it three times in the theaters in one day it was epic. BUT........... shawahnk is the better pick easy dark knight was good but shawshank was just a great story i would watch it over batman any day of the week.

This is a fantastic match-up because you know deep down inside that Shawshank is the more beautiful film, whereas TDK is more epicly intense. I might add that one of TDK's few, minor flaws was that the brilliant characterization of Batman in the original Nolan reboot was missing from the sequel, and had they somehow incorporated that...well, idk. The movie's godlike for me regardless.


Hard choice but Shawshank is just a little less enjoyable. I love both but, come on, The Joker is the Joker.

Such a great battle, but The Shawshank Redemption wins by far. I have not seen a movie with such a clear message about not to lose hope; to hold on to it and never let it go. That friends can be made even in the least possible areas. While The Dark Knight had great action scenes and the incredible performance by Heath Ledger...The Shawshank Redemption has the brilliant performance by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins and the tunnel scene with Andy is just a spectacle to behold. Nothing can get that image out of my mind and I will never forget the first time I saw awe.

Shawshank Redemption is a clear winner here...

easy... TDK is a good movie, but way overrated...

Easily the toughest matchup ive had so far....could go either gonna go with dark knight today

I'm glad to see The Shawshank Redemption winning this fight. It is leagues better than The Dark Knight.

What an odd battle. What is cuter? Kittens or bunnies? Both are really well made movies with compelling stories. For me, I just find Shawshank more re-watchable. Anytime it comes on, I stop flipping the channels. I think the main difference is the amount of time they have both been out. Dark Knight still has a bit of "FOTM" momentum to it.


The Dark Knight is more memorable and quotable.

The Dark Knight was way overrated in my opinion. In fact I liked Batman Begins more than I did TDK. I liked it, I thought it was a good movie, I just don't agree with all the hype people built around it. The Shawshank Redemption is better in my opinion.


The comments of The Dark Knight being overrated are getting so old. Dark Knight is beloved by all kinds of people. A movie that really resonates like that doesn't come very often. Having said that, I'm picking Shawshank.

Oh God, this is hard. Probably the hardest one yet. Shawshank slightly gets ahead for me.

Two great movies, Shawshank is excellent, and very watchable again and again.The Dark Knight also is very good but i would have to go with SR because i know i will enjoy it in another 20 years,the DK who knows.

@slix: LOL, I think that's the first time I've ever heard The Dark Knight compared to cute bunnies and kittens.

Sooooooo difficult


Went back to Dark Knight. Lol.

Is this a joke? Any great film has to be compared to TDK now? WTF? Shawshank is a classic. TDK is good but it wasn't even the best comic adaptation of 2008, let alone a film deserving to be compared to the classics.

Love them both. Shawshank is an awesome movie, but I need to be in the mood for it. TDK on the other hand I can watch any time, regardless of mood. The Ultimate Popcorn Movie

Two very popular films for vastly different reasons. I really enjoy both of these films, but what makes Shawshank so great is that Andy, while very smart, doesn't have to "outsmart" his opponents to prove his worth or for us to love him. It's a movie that dares to make peace with its surroundings, and then blindsides us with one of the most uplifting endings that never feels schmaltzy or forced. The Dark Knight, with its maddening logic and breath-taking action sequences, is about as bleak a movie as you can make that is still a massive, blockbuster success. That alone should garner it praise, but frankly, I'd always rather spend an afternoon with Andy and Red than one with the Joker and Bruce Wayne.

Everyone thinks that TDK is the best film in the world. I thought it was good and had good action sequences. But Shawshank is such an epic movie and is so inspiring that TDK cant even hold a candle to it!

@nardinatur911: I don't think TDK is the best film in the world. I've only got it at #2 on my list. ;-)

@admiralpiett: It really comes down to a matter of personal preference, doesn't it? Yes, The Dark Knight is very down-beat (to say the least). I don't need an upbeat ending to think a movie is good, or to enjoy it. I enjoy The Dark Knight, while I can think of other "bleak" films that made me feel like crap after I watched them, yet people heap all manner of praise upon them. Shawshank is a great film; I gained further appreciation for it after watching it a second time. But I don't even think it's the best Stephen King adaptation Frank Darabont has made, let alone the best movie ever. That's okay, though; I can love them both.

@ear: "More memorable? More quotable? I respectfully disagree."

Dark Knight hands down

Both in my Top 20, but Shawshank is better. It has some intrinsic undefinable quality that just makes it better. Maybe I just don't want to put a comic book movie over Shawshank.

Shawshank is much much better.

::shrugs:: Ok, The Dark Knight doesn't even come close to Shawshank. I guess I'll never get the love for that movie.

I do love "The Dark Knight" but it doesn't even come close to "The Shawshank Redemption". It's my favorite movie of all-time.

dark knight, but i really like the shawshank redemption

The Dark Knight is good, but I dont think that any movie could beat Shawshank Redemption.

As someone said above: "I didn't see The Shawshank Redemption, but i'm sure it's not better than Batman: The Dark Knight." Typical batman fanboy, you're probably 15 and never watched a trully good movie in your life. Shawshank hands down.

Lot of interesting comments on here. Both are great, but Shawshank is on another level. I have to roll with Andy and Red...

both suck

Both were great films, but in my opinion, The Dark Knight was too long. If it was shorter, it would've been better, IMO. I choose The Shawshank Redemption. It had better and more interesting characters, and was perfect for it's length. It's the best film of all time.

Two terrible movies... oh wait, scratch that.

Yeah, sorry all you guys who voted Dark Knight. You are just wrong.

The Dark Knight. I love Shawshank, but Heath Ledger cannot be beaten by Freeman or Robbins here.

Shawshank. It had more great performances, whereas in TDK the only great performance was Ledger's. The Dark Knight is a great superhero movie, and even a very good movie on its own terms, but it does not top Shawshank for me. Shawshank is haunting and very captivating. It kept my eyes glued to the screen. The Dark Knight is a great ride, but will not stand the test of time. Shawshank for me.

Both top 20, but Shawshank just a few above.

very interesting

Shawshank Redemption...less intense but far superior everywhere else

Shawshank Redemption is a captivating but problematic film, the Morgan Freeman character is interesting and believable, but Andy Dufraisne is your run of the mill didn't-kill-his wife one dimensional admirable main character (basically richard kimble). The Dark Knight speaks to the darkness of human nature, more specifically the frailty of morality in dire situations, and the readiness of humans to drop their values as soon as trouble comes along. Along with this universal theme, the movie also adresses many contemporary issues. The Dark Knight will be recognized as one of the greatest crime films of all time, years from now. The Shawshank Redemption will be remembered as a well made feel-good movie.

To think there are people out there who actually believe that TDK is a better film than Shawshank is just sickening. Shawshank is a watershed movie, the height of movie making which will likely never be reached again.

I don't know about sickening... I mean, Shawshank is a syrupy prison flick with a lot of philosophizing about being free that starts to grow tedious after a while. I can understand why people like it, but I wouldn't put Shawshank anywhere near my favorite films. I don't even consider The Dark Knight a favorite, but I'd rather watch it over Shawshank 9.5 times out of 10. (NOTE: I dislike Tim Robbins, which makes the movie even more annoying.)

I watched DK straight after BB, and I hated it because the characters seemed completely different (Rachel actually being a different actress). B-dub acted way differently than in BB. Consistency in a sequel is crucial to me, especially if I'm watching both for the 1st time back-to-back. Shawshank is the best of all time (IMO).

The dark knight for me personally is my favourite. It' s my number one (some start rolling eyes) yet I love a variety of movies including the shawshank redemption, which sits in my top ten. This is still not an easy choice considering I think my top 100, maybe even more, have not much separating them. However, I must stick with my number one, Heath Ledger is West Aussie after all.

The Dark Knight is a very good film, but The Shawshank Redemption is one of the most perfect films ever made from top to bottom and from start to finish. Which is why I think TSR is better than TDK.

I gotta give it to Shawshank Redemption, just a perfect film with a great ending

The Shawshank Redemption is so much better and purer

I would give the edge to Shawshank...however I can't stomach seeing people act like TDK has no place in this discussion. TDK is and will be one of the great movies ever made. Get used to it, people want to act as if it was just a blockbuster but in reality it is a truly epic movie which will only grow more in popularity is the third movie lives up to the 1st two. I imagine people would have had this debate when Star Wars came out and cinema purists would have said "Oh thats just a silly movie it has no right being compared to the Godfather". Just because one movie is about a superhero doesn't mean it cannot be in the same league as a movie the likes of Shawshank. If the third batman is awesome, Then Nolan's Batmen trilogy will be debated against Star Wars and LOTR for greatest trilogy of all time.

I am sorry but nothing compares to Shawshank.

The only worthy discussion is, "How can there possibly be any discussion betweeen these two?". Being the best comic book movie ever made is like being the tallest midget in history. Shawshank wins on every level but explosions, CGI, and creative editing of dead actors.


What does everybody like about Shaw"sucks" Redemption?Just an average movie.The Dark Knight by a mile.

Just re-watched Shawshank and I take my words back.I look back at the way I was.A stupid obsessed fanboy.I want to talk to him.Try and talk some sense into him.But I can't.Because that kid is long gone :D

Both these films are great, but which one's the best? Gotta go with Shawshank!

The Dark Knight for me. It is much more epic and entertaining than Shawshank and it keeps you r attention throughout the whole film. I thought this film ended 90 minutes into it, but no it just kept adding piles and piles of entertainment and plot.

Shawshank is a fantastic prison film and probably the best of its kind besides The Green Mile. The Dark Knight is the best superhero film of all time and held my attention far longer than Shawshank. Dark Knight.

The Shawshank Redemption by a country mile. The Dark Knight was good, but honestly, it has become the most overrated film of all time. If Heath Ledger didn't give the performance he did, would it have been as good? I don't think so. TDK has just become a fad type thing and will not stand the test of time like Shawshank.

If you want an action, good blockbuster, go with Dark Knight. If you want a tearjerker, great story movie, go with Shawshank. Shawshank wins

I am of the opinion that both of these films are generally overrated (The Dark Knight more so). I gotta go with Shawshank as I liked it quite a lot before it started getting way more praise than it deserves.

I have a VERY IMPORTANT relationship with Shawshank. It's such a well crafted movie

Seriously dude, if you haven't seen Shawshank, gettouta here. It is way better than Dark Knight

Shawshank wins by five football fields, :) you see what I did there

TSR wins...

The Dark Knight for me. It asks more questions than Shawshank. Shawshank is great but TDK is better.

Shawshank by a long-shot

The Dark Knight is a more satisfying experience. Hopefully, TDKR will be awesome as well.

I Seen Both 2008's The Dark Knight And 1994's The Shawshank Redemption.

The Dark Knight wins it just to damn epic

Dark Knight get busy living or get busy scarring

dark knight is garbage. shawshank is the bomb. real tough decision.

I find it amusing that the people who chose The Dark Knight don't have much substance behind their argument. It was good to see in the theaters but like many people have stated before, ten years from now Shawshank will be talked about and Dark Knight will be forgotten. Especially after another reboot comes along.

Shawshank is the best feel good movie ever. But I'm still partial to the bat.

Shawshank Redemption is full of humanizing moments and to me a better cinematic achievement

This is terribly hard for me. But I must go with Redd and Andy.

I slightly prefer Shawshank. Lotta humorous moments.

i really enjoyed dark knight, but for me, hardly anything can beat Shawshank

No movie yet has come close to the perfection that is Shawshank.

Shawshank Redemption is an amazing film with some of the best acting, cinematography, music and script I have ever seen/ heard. I don't think that The Dark Knight comes close in any of those categories apart from acting by Heath Ledger as the Joker. Shawshank is a film that almost everybody relates to and is a film that not even Batman can beat.


Shawshank is a hard film to beat, and The Dark Knight just doesn't do it.

I like TDK but TSR is difficult to beat

Shawshank was a Top 5 no brainer from the moment I finished watching it, but Heath Leger's Joker can't be beat. Dark Knight

As much as I love both, Shawshank still comes out on top.

The Joker for me is the only reason I'm giving this one to The Dark Knight.

I'm sorry but The Shawshank Redemption is for me the most perfect movie ever created and you can't go wrong with that. TSR it is.

I’m really struggling to choose here, both are easily two of the most perfect films ever made (for me at least). I re-watched TDK last night and it was so thrilling and amazing. It does many things excellently and the Joker is brilliant plus other great performances. However, Shawshank Redemption is very emotionally satisfying and uplifting and I found the ending where Red goes to reunite with Andy just wonderful. For now I guess I’ll go with Shawshank as it’s a safe option, but I can’t be certain that it’ll stay that way.

While Shawshank is a classic, very few movies beat The Dark Knight. Not even Andy Dufresne can break himself free out of this situation.

Two my top 10s. Shawshank Redemption remains champion.


^Dude, that's racist.



Shawshank Redemption>>>>>TDK

The Shawshank Redemption is the greatest film ever made. The reason I believe The Dark Knight is worthy to be compared to it is simply because Morgan Freeman as Red in Shawshank is one of the great Supporting Actor roles of all-time and so is Heath Ledger's performance in Dark Knight.

These are my two favorite movies, but Shawshank is perfect in every way


Killer matchup here! I just re-watched TDK, and it's amazing. I'm going with it, but there's really no wrong answer here.

Haha PiccoloKing's comment is awesome but i prefer the Shawshank because I feel i can watch it more times that TDK without getting bored

shawshank, without a question

Shawshank is amazing. But it does not have the ecstatic feeling that The Dark Knight gives.

The whole Dark Knight series suck so this is a no brainer for me

Shawshank by a mile. Dark Knight is a good action/ superhero movie, but shawshank is a masterpiece.

2 Great movies. I love them both for totally different reasons. Obviously Ledger was fantastic as the Joker and will be forever rembered for this role. But, the voice of Batman drove me a bit crazy as the movie progressed. Shawshank is such a great story ( Stephen King) and so many great characters (Andy Dufresne,Red,The Warden,Brooks,Heywood, and the guards). I challenge anyone to watch Shawshank Redemption and not fall completely in love with the characters and the story....One of my favourites of all time!

Tough! It's hard to compare the two, but the shawshank comes on top for being a near flawless character study and very emotional film.

great movies. The Dark Night is one of the best sequels ever. Its up their with The Godfather II, Empire Strikes Back but Shawshank wins. I though it was going to win Best Pic but Forrst Gump was so overwhelming that year, like Titantic was that it rode the wave all the way to the win. but like Goodfellas, Shawshank ahs become more popular then the movie it lost to at the academy awards. (Goodfellas lost to another movie that was a commercial success, Dances with Wolves). Sometimes I feel that never pick the right movie but Im sure there are some politics involved. Shawshank is one of the greatest movies ever. The Dark Knight I think over the next years will gain even more popularity and may even challenge Shawshank down the road but for now it's Shawshank.

Shawshank is ridiculously overrated, The Dark Knight is the better film.

Shawshank puts it over-Batman..

Close but Shawshank beats it.

Tough but Shawshank wins


The Dark Knight is amazing and I'm a huge nolan fanboy but Shawshank wins this one.

oops i already commented on this sorry i didn't know

Two brilliant contenders for 'best film ever made', but I prefer The Dark Knight.

A hard choice, but i'm locking in The Dark Knight

Both maserpieces but Shawshank has the edge.

Its hard to compare this two movies because they are too much diferent

Tough choice. I absolutely adore both. TDK (probably in the minority on this one)

The shawshank redemption but this is close.Really really close

The Dark Knight easily.

Shawshank is way better

I think both films are great but Shawshank easily wins this one. Everything about it is absolutely flawless and it's a shame even to this day that it's a severely underseen film (compared to movies like TDK).

Dark Knight more enjoyable

Good matchup! The Dark Knight is the movie that made the rivalry between Batman and Joker seem realistic, complex and gritty. Not only that but it’s a damn well written, well directed film. Shawshank is great, yes, but it doesn’t match The Dark Knight for me!

Going with Shawshank.

Shawshank Redemption.


The Shawshank Redemption by far.

While i love TDK. Nothing beats Shawshank and the emotion this film gives.

The Shawshank Redemption yet by a mile.

Yeah not even close. The Shawshank Redemption is a much much better film. The Dark Night was fun though.

shawshank is 100% the better film but i just liked dark knight more

God this is so difficult... both are incredible masterpieces, but in the end, Shawshank BARELY takes the cake for me.

Shawshank is unbelievably compelling for such a simple story, it never fails to grab your attention. The Dark Knight is just awesome entertainment with a perfect performance from Heath Ledger and an incredible cast of characters. It's hard to compare these two because they are so different, yet somehow on the same level. It truly does come down to technical filmmaking, in which case The Dark Knight wins.

I go with Shawshank Redemption

Get busy choosing Shawshank or get busy....

Shawshank honestly only gets better with time. Sure, I don't think it's even in my top 5 movies of all time, but it's phenomenal in a way that words cannot explain. Dark Knight is a great movie, but yeah, Shawshank is far better

Shawshank is brilliant but Dark Knight is absolutely amazing so it wins.

The dark Knight might be the best movie of its year and i agree i think the dark Knight is better bit 1994 wasn't a bad movie year. The year offered great movies like shawshank Redemption, Forrest gump, Lion King and Pulp fiction

Shawshank is a masterpiece, but I'm going with the superhero masterpiece here.

The Shawshank Redemption is clearly a real masterpiece and nominal

Shawshank Redemption is better. While the dark knight has Heath Ledger’s Joker, Shawshank is a better and more meaningful movie

In My Flickchart TDK Is 1 The Shawshank Redemption 4 The Dark Knight Win High Diff

Obviously The Dark Knight Win But TSR Is fantastic

The Dark Knight beat Everyone