The Dark Knight vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Captain America: The Winter Soilder

The Dark Knight. Just a guess how this is going to play out. TWS will start out with strong reviews that put it in the 90s on RT. Yellowjacket and his 4 dozen sock puppets will scream and spam how its a flawless film that's better than any Nolan Batman film and the RT score indicates that the world agrees with him. Then, the RT score will drop just like it did for every other MS film thus far, settling on a score below 85 and thus below any Nolan Batman film, to which he and his multiple personalities will suddenly ignore RT and will STILL spam the same Marvel-rimming nonsense that he always does. See you on the 4th.

So, what, you're copying ME now? ...ME? Get some originality SquareMaster, sheesh. If you're going to copy someone, at least do it well: you clearly forgot the fact that you will continue to spam back with negative reviews from IMDb and every other site you can find that "prove"(?) "your point"(?), you will state that Christopher Nolan is brilliant and handsome and the next Stanley Kubrick / Francis Ford Coppola / Alfred Hitchcock / Martin Scorsese and you will say that "Marvel cocksuckers" (your words, not mine!) are creating multiple accounts so they can bump up Marvel movie scores and whatnot or something along that bullshit.

I don't think people understand that they can't actually properly comment on this matchup yet.

Copying a person whose schtick is stating the obvious? Then you must have a TON of lawsuits lobbied against you. That's even more ridiculous than Trump "Patenting" the phrase "You're fired!"

If I'm stating the obvious (which admittedly, I guess I am), then apparently you DO see that you're an obsessed paranoid. And how come you've already seen the new Captain America? Either you rushed to the theater to see it (which makes no sense, since you've disliked pretty much every Marvel film under the sun), or you haven't seen it yet, which makes this: "I have no intention of stating anything about the film until its release, [...], I'm not going to make any assumptions about the film's quality until I see it." pretty much complete nonsense. Either way, good thing you tried to "respond" to the things I said, even though you really didn't. Anyway, can you excessively spam this matchup with reviews of The Dark Knight from other people who you didn't ask to use their reviews for me please? That would be great.

Watching a SquareMaster/MysticSpoon face-off always brightens my day keep up the good work guys.

I also find it funny that Squaremaster is always the first to see new Marvel movies.

Anyway, I'll go Cap. Watched it the other day and loved it. TDK is overrated and Cap has some flaws indeed but as I said, Cap it is

SquareMaster why do you have this oppsessive need to bitch around and show your arrogance

I'm not the one generating multiple personalities to bump up polls and hosanna threads.

What the hell are you talking about?

The sock puppets generated by the likes of Yellowjacket, aka Captmarvelous, aka Movieman43217654897654etc.

Do you have any evidence for that SquareMaster? You keep saying that, but you only come across as more paranoid to me whenever you say that. "I don't need evidence". Well, then don't make a statement like that.

But how the fuck do you know? For all I know, you're a sock puppet of TheHonestFilmFan (I know you aren't, but, y'know, your logic)!

Also, care to respond to what I said to you a few weeks back? Seems polite.

Yeah, man Tyrion is right what the fuck is the matter you? God, man, can't believe im wasting my time with this troll

Except he isn't a troll. He literally spends every second on the internet either complaining about Marvel, praising Nolan or saying that something Batman related is (going to be) bad just because Nolan didn't have anything to do with it (or that something Batman related is good because it *clearly* "has Christopher Nolan's influence"). If he really is a troll, then he's a very dedicated one, but I don't think so.

I just saw The Winter Soldier today and really liked it but it's by far not up to par with The Dark Knight

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is easily the best Marvel standalone film. The action scenes are fantastic, and so is the score. It can't beat The Dark Knight though. Nolan's best exceeds, but it's close.

Im so glad you mentioned the score! None of my friends enjoyed it and various movie sites only talk about plot and action

Two impressive sequels; The Dark Knight is simply on a higher level than Cap 2.

Captain America was a lot of fun, but The Dark Knight is still hard to beat.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was Great, but hands down: The Dark Knight is 10 times the better film.

I prefer Winter Soldier It's less afraid to embrace the comic-booky-ness (yes I know that's not a word) of it's source material.

Agreeing with FilmOdyssey on this one. Winter Soldier is the best Marvel standalone film. The score, action, writing was all top notch, but still; The Dark Knight crushes Cap in this matchup.

I have really enjoyed this blog. Hats off to everyone.....Don't piss off movie nerds lol. Don't insulting, I own close to 700 movies. I'm not a die hard Nolan fan nor a die hard Marvel fan. But I do enjoy all the Marvel movies, in fact I think they are all pretty good. The Dark Knight is better than all of them. The only one that comes close are both Avengers. I do believe that Captain America 2 is better than The Dark Knight Rises. I won't sit through the third Batman again. ANYWHO keep up the good work everyone, I'm sure i find all the hate more fun than you do haha. See you on the Dark Knight vs Avengers 2 page!

Dark Knight, and it's not really close

Winter soldier gets the easy win here

Winter Soldier because of the action scenes

Winter Soldier because of the action scenes

There's no doubt about it, Winter Soldier is my easy choice...

Congratulations to Christopher Johnathan James Nolan for managing to beat out not one, but TWO CBM trilogies this year, once again, everyone else just has to strive for second place, TDK trilogy is STILL the K.I.N.G!

Batman Begins (9.5/10) > First Avenger (4/10) The Dark Knight (10/10) > Winter Soldier (8/10) The Dark Knight Rises (8/10) > Civil War (7.5/10) A consensus clean sweep victory for the Nolan trilogy!

As usual, Nolan simply did it better than Marvel.

The Dark Knight is more thrilling, more intelligent, and not one bit cheesy. The performances were phenomenal and so was the writing. It was a gripping crime thriller whereas The Winter Soldier was simply a superhero film that one comes to expect.

The Dark Knight is more thrilling, more intelligent, and not one bit cheesy. The performances were phenomenal and so was the writing. It was a gripping crime thriller whereas The Winter Soldier was simply a superhero film that one comes to expect.

^^my thoughts exactly. Winter Solider is decent but in no way is it "superhero masterpiece" like people make it out to be!


The Winter Soldier just crushes all. Best number two of all.

The Dark Knight is overrated and just plain boring. The Winter Soldier is far better and more riveting.

The Dark Knight.

Winter Soldier is so good and will hold up forever unlike other overhyped movies. Ahem.

Both really good Movies But The Dark Knight raises the bar for superhero movies, it's one of the best movies ever Winter Soldier in the other hand No

Winter Soldier is a superior sequel no question. When debating the best second sequel Winter Solider is always mentioned but TDK isn't.

well it's because batman begins is just so good as the first one and the dark knight even tho better than begins isn't that much of a big leap like from first avenger to the winter soldier

TDK by a good margin. TWS is still the second best cbm of all Time tho,

Square Master is gonna be the first to see WandaVision in 13 days. Then run to his dial up & bash marvel. Too funny, I do hate Marvel haters but the world NEEDS idiots.

Winter Soldier forever locks as being the better film. And BTW, WandaVision looks like hot garbage.

squaremaster quit the website like 2 years ago and yall still obsessed over him lol

The one that is on par with all time great movies like The Godfather, Empire Strikes Back, and Pulp Fiction. The Dark Knight easily.

The Dark Knight, and it's not very close when you think about it.

its actually kinda close TWS is top 3 MCU films

Nobody except Marvel drones and fanboys would pick TWS. TDK is more critically acclaimed, earned more, was rated higher and is one of the best movies of decade and of all time according to prestgious magazines and has already stood the rest of the time. TWS is just a popcorn flick directed by average directors. Inb4 Yellowjacket butthurt ass gets mad.

Both excellent films with an incredible story, but The Dark Knight wins because of Heath Ledger’s Joker

dark knight is excellent, winter soldier is good but overrated

mysticspoon is literally brain dead, how he not see that avenger7 is literally captmarvelous/yellowjacket. same speech and same pattern

Winter soldier is the best mcu movie. yet the dark knight is still better by a lot

yea, not diminishing TWS or anything it's just that the nolan trilogy is legendary compared to most stuff marvel spills out

Two of the best sequels for superhero movies, Dark Knight obviously wins but Winter Soldier is an excellent movie too

Winter Soldier is a fine MCU movie but it doesn't even come close

Celebrating the 14th anniversary of TDK, and still nominated the best superhero movie ever