The Dark Knight vs. Apocalypse Now



No contest. Overrated vs Classic.

both masterpieces.

I give both 5 stars, but that doesn't mean this is difficult. Apocalypse Now by a long shot.

Dark Knight for me as well.

Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now has held up better after more than 30 years and the hell they went through making it was unbelievable.

The Dark Knight is a lot better.

Apocalypse Now crushes. The Dark Knight is mesmerising, but Apocalypse Now is THE best war film ever made.

The Dark Knight is the better film

Sorry TDK, you lose here.

The Dark Knight pulls the pencil trick on Apocalypse Now here!

kintu baaltai

Two unmitigated masterpieces of cinema. Apocalypse Now's tension, character studies and themes keep me more invested though.

Apocalypse Now is far superior

Apocalypse Now is the far greatest masterpiece.


I loved Dark Knight but Apocalypse Now is the masterpiece and I never use that word unless a film is a work of genius.



Apocalypse Now wins this easy.

Apocalypse Now is a general masterpiece.

The Dark Knight is amazing but Apocalypse Now is far better


Apocalypse Now pretty easily tbh