The Apartment vs. Sunset Blvd.



Billy Wilder's best. Tough choice, but Lemmon > Holden, and McClaine > Swanson.

Billy Wilder's best. I only watched Sunset Blvd. for the first time last week. The Apartment I watched for the first time last night. Both are as tremendous as I'd been led to believe. It's tough to choose. I think I'll pick The Apartment for now, but reserve the right to reverse my choise later.

I honestly thought The Apartment was much more, funnier and entertaining than Sunset BLVD, its a shame how underrated it is.

Two incredible films. Sunset Blvd by a razor-thin margin.

Sunset Blvd for the win

Two absolute classics. We all win.

Great movies, the both of them! True masterpieces. I have to go with Sunset Blvd.

Two greats from Wilder. I liked Sunset Boulevard more.

These are Wilder's best two films. The Apartment is great, but he reached a near perfection with Sunset Boulevard

Sunset for me, no question.

Two of Wilder's Rushmore. I'm more of a Sunset guy. In fact, Witness for the Prosecution > Sunset Blvd. > Double Indemnity > The Apartment.

Sunset Blvd is amazing. The Apartment is great and deserves multiple viewings to really appreciate it, but it's Sunset for the win.

i love sunset, but i've always thought the protagonist was obnoxious (really reminiscent of most modern shitty protagonists oddly enough). the apartment it is

Sunset Blvd.