One Million Years B.C. vs. Batman Returns



Raquel Welch as a cavegirl in a bikini vs. Michelle Pfeiffer in a leather catsuit. Welch doesn't show up in One Million Years B.C. for like 20 minutes, and even then she doesn't get to do much. Pfeiffer is great in Batman Returns, and she gets to beat people up. I've seen other Welch movies I liked more for sex appeal purposes, and One Million Years B.C. isn't even her best bikini movie. Batman Returns is more entertaining overall and one of my favorite Pfeiffer parts.

Raquel Welch was in the movie for much longer than 20 minutes... She came in about 20 minutes in to it, rather. Great movie, One Million Years B.C.. Unfortunately for Batman Returns, it just isn't, nor ever was, anything special. Easy win for One Million Years B.C. here if we actually consider the quality of the film.

The actual quality of the film... I suppose you could make a case that One Million Years B.C. is "something special", though I would have to disagree. It's been almost a year since I've seen it, but if I didn't think Welch was in it much then she probably wasn't. I generally pay attention to the length of time she appears in movies. One Million Years B.C. wasn't all that good. Not bad, just not particularly memorable. I'm not sure what qualities make it an easy winner. Maybe for someone who likes prehistoric cheese...

Oh, and I actually said that she doesn't show up in the film for twenty minutes, not that she was in it for twenty minutes.