Oldboy vs. Amélie



Battle of the Foreigns! So now it's down to kooky love or solo hammer fighting, balls deep, action. I like lovvvvvvvvve ^-^

Been awhile since I've seen either...and they're both great movies...but I think I like the whimsical style of Amélie better

Not that Oldboy isn't great, but Amelie rules.


Amelie is cool and all, but Oldboy just a better film in all respects.

Both great movies, but only one amazing soundtrack.

Adorable quirky french romantic comedy vs. gritty quirky korean action flick. Amelie wins this one 'cause she's just so darn cute!

Amelie is the definition of average IMO. "Hey look at me, I'm quirky, fluffy and cute so you have to like me even though I have little else to offer. Oldboy is comical and intense at the same time. And fucked up.


Amelie has a quirky charm but Oldboy was brilliant.

These are so phenomenally different it's impossible to give either an edge.

Arguing between these two is like arguing that home-made lasagna is better than monarchism; it doesn't even make sense. That said, Oldboy is better.

Oldboy has that awesome hallway hammerfight scene, but Amelie overall was much more enjoyable

Oldboy hands down. It's just a complete masterpiece in every conceivable way and Amelie simply can't compare.

Close one to call... but Amelie for me... Oldboy was just too much headfk for me! :) in fact the whole Sympathy for whoever it is got too depressing for words... so Amelie for being cute and uplifting! :)

Oldboy...so brutal...mindnumbing. Impossible to forget...

Oldboy, easily the better movie, people go on about how enjoyable Amelie is, Oldboy isn't meant to be enjoyable it's meant to make you squirm

These could not be more different. I'd have to go with Old Boy just because I've seen it more times, and the ending was so amazing. But Amelie reignited my passion for playing piano, I learned every piece from that movie that Yann T. Composed.

Gotta be Amelie. Oldboy is great but very hard to rank. It's just so damn insane.

Definitely Oldboy, I've never heard an arguement why Amelie would be better than just average.

Oldboy by a landslide

Oldboy, better in every way.

Oldboy is an epic film, Amelie just makes my head hurt.

amélie is great, but oldboy is incredible