Batman Begins vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



I prefer Batman Begins. It marked the start of something special to come.

Batman is no competition for the LotR trilogy.

Lord of the Rings beats the first Batman.

It would have been easier had it been BB against Fellowship or King. I stil will choose Two Towers.

Strongest LOTR versus weakest batman. LOTR wins.


Strongest LOTR? No, that would be The Fellowship of the Ring, AKA the only LOTR movie I care for. Batman Begins with the easy victory.

The Two Towers takes out all movies except for 20.

In my opinion, these are the two weakest of their respective trilogies. Notwithstanding, I don't consider either of them "weak" per se. It's just for lack of a better way to say, "my third favorite of their respective trilogies." I appreciated BB much more after seeing TDK and TDKR. With TTT, its continuity between FOTR and ROTK is as seamless as I've ever seen in a trilogy. It's really hard to judge BB and TTT as standalones. BB was probably more crucial to its trilogy in terms of providing the groundwork and laying a solid foundation, but I really enjoyed TTT much better. In other words, if I could only watch BB or TTT on a Saturday night, I'd go with TTT. Thus, it gets my vote.

LOTR wins easily. Batman Begins is overrated as can be.

Based on how many filmmakers have taken inspiration from Batman Begins to their storytelling approach, it's as revolutionary/influential on 21st century cinema as the entire LOTR trilogy.

Easy win for TTT....

The weakest of their trilogies, both solid 8/10's though. Begins gets the edge over Two Towers because it's much better paced, it has a shorter runtime, and just more consistent in quality. The Two Towers has amazing scenes like the final battle but it REALLY drags in the middle portion.