Batman Begins vs. The Avengers



Wow, this one is pretty tough. My fandom for Batman wins out though.

Batman Begins still remains among my favorite films, and it shows that the one man's journey can be more interesting than a collection of hundreds!

nicely said SquareMaster. I really really enjoyed the Avengers, it was at 11 from start to finish, and was a great charater story. But Batman Begins just has so much going for it. Bein g grounded in gritty realism really gives the film more merits, and Chris Nolan is wondeful.

Avengers for me.

I'd pick most Batman movies over most Marvel movies. I've been kind of hard on "The Avengers," but I really did have a lot of fun watching it. Some parts of "Batman Begins" that just don't work for me.

Avengers wins. Just a better time at the movies, and that is really all I can ask for...

I have to be in a Batman mood to enjoy Batman Begins. Avengers is always good though.

Avengers is more fun, but Batman Begins is more interesting. I really enjoyed Avengers, but Batman Begins converted me to being a fan of Batman. The caped crusader wins.

Avengers by a ton. Batman Begins is so very flawed and I literally couldn't think of a thing that would make Avengers better.

Avengers for me too.

Batman Begins gave us hope in a time were Superhero films were very underrated, but The Avengers is one of the best Superhero films out there, it plays its tropes much better than any other.

Batman Begins was a special experience. One of the best superhero films ever made.

Having too many super heroes is The Avengers' problem. Focusing on only one hero and having a more realistic story makes Batman Begins superior.

The Avengers. Batman Begins is the only Christopher Nolan movie I've that seen where I simply don't give a shit.

I've seen*

I'm gonna give Begins its props because it's an enjoyable movie (most superhero movies are). l can't help but laugh at some of the dialogue though. ''To conquer fear you must become fear!" C'mon Chris, you're not a 9 year-old in a Creative Writing workshop.

The Avengers worked better for me.

The Avengers

I'm picking Batman. It's a better movie that stands out on it's own easily, wherein The Avengers is dependent on you liking the Marvel superheroes from the get go. Avengers to me felt like a fan-fiction crossover where more attention was payed to the interacting personalities than to story development.

In spite of some cool action scenes, I didn't really like Batman Begins, but it's still superior to The Avengers.

I've actually seen Avengers maybe about four times, once in the theater, once on Blu-ray, and twice on DVD at someone's else place. So it has grown on me since the first viewing, but the CGI and the always tedious motif of "Invaders from Another Planet" dragged it down for me. Joss Whedon will always opt for glibness over depth. Did anyone else notice that The Avengers lifted the alien invasion plot from Transformers3? Or was it Green Lantern? Does it make a difference? Weren't they all the same? Should I care? Lyndsy Fonseca, (the girl who plays the Russian heiress on Nikita) would've made a more interesting Black Widow than Scarlett Johansson, who spent most of The Avengers looking awkwardly intent. Black Widow and the Arrow Guy aren't given that much interesting to be or do (maybe because they didn't get films for themselves before hand?) and there is this ridiculous shot during the climatic scenes when it looks like everyone is posing for a "superhero in action" shot.

^That's true, it's almost exactly like in Transformers 3. For anyone interested:

Both entertaining superhero flicks. Batman has the benefit of Christopher Nolan who is a much skilled director than Joss Whedon.

absolutely love both! but gun to head..Batman Begins

The Avengers is better honestly. BB is the weakest of the Nolan trilogy. I don't consider The Avengers a great film but at least it's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously.

TDK > TDKR > Avengers > BB

The Avengers is a fun popcorn flick while Batman Begins is a mature nourish thriller. They both set out to achieve different things, but I believe Batman Begins did a better job. Batman Begins is better structured, well-paced, had stronger themes, a character-driven plot and was brilliantly acted and edited. The Avengers is supposed to be the "fun" one of the two, but I was far more entertained by Batman Begins, which wins hands down.

Avengers did it's job and that's to deliver on everything Marvel was buliding up in a wonderful manner. Batman Begins did it's job and that's to resuurect the character off the trash heap after joel schumacher's nipplemania landed him there.

Batman Begins. Love both films, both are great in their own way, but the character of Batman is by far my favorite.

BB is the only one in its trilogy that gets beat by The Avengers.

I enjoy The Avengers but it doesn't even come close to beating Batman Begins.

No solo hero film can ever hope to match Avengers no matter the character.

When a superhero origin is as rich as this one, no collection of misfits is going to top it.

Batman Begins for sure!

The avengers destroyes batman begins

I love Avengers, but BB wins for me.

I dunno. Batman Begins I felt is far more well written but is so boring. Avengers.


Avengers is a classic. BB just doesn't hold up well at all.

While Avengers certainly is entertaining and action-packed, it doesn't amount to much more than eye-candy at the end of the day. Not a bad thing per se, but Batman Begins has more substance to it and does a better job at servicing its themes.

Avengers will ALWAYS BE the king. Batman Begins has as much substance as Ben Affleck's Daredevil in all seriousness. Take away fanboy hype they're the same badly constructed films.

There is absolutely no aspect where Marvel's soulless, cliched mess comes out on top, Batman Begins completely outclasses it in every possible measurable capacity.


“There is absolutely no aspect where Marvel's soulless, cliched mess comes out on top, Batman Begins completely outclasses it in every possible measurable capacity.” I wanted to comment exactly this but the Squaremaster had the idea first...

As has been mentioned, Batman Begins doesn't hold up well at all over time. Some of it is actually laughable at this point. No contest here...Avengers easily.

^ Same can be said about Avengers. It's a CGI, action-driven, gimmicky cash-grab for 10 year olds

Avengers has fans of all ages and breaks the billion dollar mark every time out for a reason. Far more than simply action driven and so much smarter than your average summer fare. Don't know if it will always be the case but as of now any Avenger film made so far beats any Batman film.

Batman Begins is a phenomenally brilliant film that holds up extraordinarily well, in fact, it gets better with repeat viewings and is one of the top five most influential films of the 21st century, with its two sequels occupying 2 of the other spots.

Batman Begins' final act is a mess. Really hope our real-world social collapse won't be so poorly choreographed...

I switched to the avengers.

Batman Begins is too dull and not delivering a great Batman film but Batman’s voice is completely dull and too ill, the Avengers is far watchable and delivers the great franchise.

Avengers definitely wins.

Batman Begins is the best origin movie ever

Batman Begins wins but The Avengers’ third act is way better than Batman Begins’ third act

The Avengers. More entertaining. More rewatchable. More memorable.

avengers. batman begins is goofy for a supposedly dark movie, avengers is goofy for a supposed goofy movie, plus it has way better action and better heroes

batman begins. one goofy scene =/= the entire movie is goofy

Avengers and it's not even a question. When will any DC character learn how to do a proper origin movie?

that's funny, iron man 1 and ant-man are the only good origin movies

I would put Doctor Strange on that list too

Batman begins still remains one of the best superhero movies ever, beating every mcu movie with ease

Batman Begins is much better

And yet switching to Batman Begins

I loved the experience of going to the theater to see The Avengers, and I still enjoy it. But Batman Begins is one of the best origin stories for superheroes in cinema, with its grittiness while retaining its comic book feel.

^ except the avengers isn't that enjoyable like it was in 2012

The Avengers is great but Batman Begins will always be one of my favorite origin movies.

Agree. Avengers could still be considered the best movie the genre has ever produced.