Batman Begins vs. The Dark Knight Rises



the dark knight rises is the worst of the nolan trilogy. it hurts me to say that.

Neither comes close to the greatness of TDK, but I think Batman Begins is Nolan's weakest film.

Rises was so close to being the best of the trilogy. Begins is a respectable third place effort.

Rises was so epic and that ending was so well done

I love Batman Begins and it was certainly a solid start to the trilogy. The first half was fantastic but TDKR's final act absolutely tears apart Begins'. TDKR had a better villain in my opinion and many visually stunning action set-pieces. It wins this contest. Begins is excellent as well though.

The Dark Knight Rises is much better than Batman Begins.

I agree with the first poster. Much prefer Batman Begins; TDKR was one of the biggest movie letdowns for me in recent years.

Batman Begins. The story is a lot crisper and the first half is a lot more rousing. The Dark Knight Rises is a supreme entertainment, but it doesn't hit critical mass until about halfway through whereas Batman Begins and The Dark Knight sizzled throughout.

Begins is better than Marion Cotillard and Hathaway, Talia and Selina looked like they were played for more of sexyness, than Dynamic Characters

First things first, TDKR brought every single relevant aspect of the first movie when it comes to Ra's Al Ghul/League Of Shadows to a EPIC conclusion,and that my friends,is how a trilogy should be. On the third movie, Nolan connected every single aspect that made "The Dark Knight" trilogy so memorable,with the (very smart) exception of Joker,that rose and fell on the second entry. "Batman Begins" became even better when it elements were cleverly used on Batman conclusion,but clearly the scale of TKDR is bigger,better and more memorable for me.

TDKR has its fair share of flaws, but Bane is a much better villian than Scarecrow and TDKR final act is absolutely incredible. Just a little better than Begins.

I'll take TDKR also. Nothing about Batman Begins really stuck with me. TDKR wasn't even the best movie I've seen this summer...but the finale more than delivered.

Could not agree more with TheEgant.

TDKR. Though, I love both.


begins is a lot more balanced and satisfying. rises simply tries to do everything and inevitably achieves very little. begins wins easily

Rises had some pacing issues but the last 45 minutes were fantastic. Begins was a more stream-lined viewing experience. Tom Hardy was picture perfect as Bane but is it enough to tip the scale? Almost.

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight is definitely better than both of these.That said, I liked TDKR a lot better than BB. I wouldn't say BB is the worst of the trilogy, just third-best.

Batman Begins is the better movie. It transformed and changed the way we think about Batman films, all Rises did was build up hype, only to crumble under its under development.

TDKR > TDK > BB. All three are top 10 though.

For Liam Neesan being Liam f'ing Neesan, I think he could have been so much more as Ra's, while Tom Hardy probably couldn't have done any better.

Dark Knight Rises beats its own origin story due to the better tone, cinematography, plot and acting

Rises is the best of the trilogy in my opinion. Begins is amazing though.

Dark Knight Rises is destroyed, BB is far greater. TDKR is pretty overrated

TDKR was more ambitious and effective while Batman Begins was more entertaining and less flawed. Might as well be a draw.

Batman Begins is clearly the better film, even though I don't mind Rises.

Batman Begins, easily. While I did like how Rises was extremely epic and intense, Begins was just so perfect in its structure.

Neither are as good as TDK, though that is a pretty fucking tough feat. My choice is TDK. While it's more flawed, it was more emotionally engaging than BB.

The Dark Knight Rises, they are #20 (The Dark Knight) #21 (The Dark Knight Rises) and number #22 (Batman Begins)

The Dark Knight Rises. Begins was an amazing movie and a great start to an amazing trilogy though. Did you get all that? Dark Knight beats them both, but Rises is not that far behind.

TDKR is better than BB. As flawed as TDKR is, it's still a helluva lot better than Batman Begins.

I honestly didn't really appreciate BB until I saw TDKR. So, I feel TDKR is a necessity for me to fully enjoy BB. As standalones, TDKR annihilates BB. TDK > TDKR > BB

WTF Rises sucked Nolan Screwed up every Character Catwoman was stupid Bane what no venom? no Joker? Robin at the end or new batman wtf? yes its drama packed and the visuals are great but it didnt feel like Gotham or Batman Two-Face wouldve been a better boss with Killer Croc wrecking havoc in the sewers and Talia Al Ghoul and the league of assassins tormenting Bruce,Love Batman Begins Hate RISES.

Batman Begins one of the best Batman films while Dark Knight Rises is one of the Worst aside from the acting and Special Effects!

Batman Begins is the best Batman Movie of All Time. I think this is not even close.

Begins is not ambitious in any way and follows the same old cliche of the student outclassing the teacher. Rises was very ambitious but screwed up big and it follows an even more cliched storyline of a bomb threatening a city. In the end Begins wins by a margin but both inevitably bring down the greatness achieved in the Dark Knight.

Oh boy...

Batman Begins is a fine origin story, but The Dark Knight Rises has the hallmarks of a true cinematic epic in the style of the late, great David Lean.

Rises wins in my opinion.Its the best from the triology too. The dark knight rises > the dark knight >>>>> batman begins

TDKR is the winner, also the #1 of the trilogy for me!

When these two are compared, the primary question always asked is, "Which is better?"; a sure fire sign of quality as opposed to other comparisons where the "which is worse?" conundrum takes precedent (SWPrequels, Iron Man 2&3).

For me The Dark Knight Rises is the weakest in the Christopher Nolan Saga. Batman Begins wins this one.


"The Dark Knight Rises" ended as the worst film of the trilogy, thanks to Nolan's disregard of his own filmmaking views we have all come to love. "Batman Begins" on the other hand, was so fresh that it was jaw-dropping when I first saw it.

Batman Begins: Great. The Dark Knight Rises: Most overrated film of all time. I've seen TDKR a few times now and still can't work out why people love it. Batman Begins was the perfect comic book origins story and gets my vote!

A rather unpopular opinion, but I almost certainly prefer Rises to Begins. While I definitely enjoy both, Begins suffers from a rather forgettable villain and typical Superhero-origin syndrome, whereas Rises not only has stronger performances, a better cast and attempts to thematically tie together the entire trilogy into a cohesive whole. It may not necessarily succeed at that, but its ambitions far exceed Begins.

im sorry i have to disagree with most because i think tom hardy as bane was great but then again every character in the trilogy is casted perfectly

im sorry im going to have to disagree with most people because i think tom hardy as bane was great. then again every character in the trilogy is casted perfectly

Batman Begins had a well done fight showdown and success convenient ending here, Dark Knight Rises was a ill film of the series, Batman Begins was better.

The cinematic exactitude of Nolans film-making is truly unmatched, not even a scientist could deny this. That said, TDKR is more beautifully shot and more ably edited.

Closer but Batman begins

Batman Begins.

Dark Knight Rises.

Batman Begins isn’t simply great but the dark knight rises was far the more worst disappointing bad on a flawed disappointing ending of the series but batman begins may have a a better complete film of the series.

Batman Begins is nearly the better from the series and ended as complete term but TDKR is nearly the most disappointing ending of the series.

Batman Begins ages like a very fine wine. It gets better the older and more mature I get. Dark Knight Rises is complete crap!

the entire trilogy ages like a very fine wine for me

Batman Begins for sure.

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises didn’t have enough Batman

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises didn’t have enough Batman

batman begins is a decent movie with great plot but very goofy and bad action. dark knight rises is perfect in almost every way

how is begins goofy, aside from a few scenes it was a serious movie

The conclusion here the two Batman films were way better here technically right from perfect start to finish but somehow generally TDKR third film didn’t particularly didn’t had great emotion like the perfect two films but generally the ending of rises just disappointed the way went for reasons now on.

TDKR is more emotional than the first two and definitely has a more satisfying ending than BB

Both are excellent movies, not being as good as the dark knight is not a crime

batman begin is better. The dark knight rises started falling apart after the 3rd act.