Batman Begins vs. Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman is DC's best film. Better than any Batman movie including Begins. Who would have ever thought that? Way to go Gal!

THE two single greatest origin films of the 21st century, crushing all other competition in their paths, WAY TO GO, DC!!!

Wonder Woman is vastly better. More complete and WAY more fun.



Batman Begins. Both are good.

Batman gives hope for the hero while Wonder Women gave hope for the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman outclasses Begins by a lot actually. Now bring on Burton's Batman.

Gotta go with Wonder Woman that movie is AMAZING!

I love how inexact this counter is

It's Batman Begins. People still are high on their adrenaline after seeing Wonder Woman, but if you ask me, it's not that close. Batman Begins is the best origin film for a superhero. Wonder Woman is FAR from being DC's best film. Many would put The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Batman (1989), Superman, and Superman II. Wonder Woman is definitely great and the best of the DCEU, but all of DC? Not so much.

Batman > everything DC

Best origin superhero movies ever, beating every marvel movie for sure