Batman Begins vs. Spider-Man



Surprised nobody's yet commented on this match-up. Permit me a moment on a soapbox. Am I the only one who feels that Nolan's "Batman" films have been stupendously overrated?? As far as I'm concerned, give me Burton's two pictures any day of the week over these latest adaptations. This one goes to Raimi.

I too am going with 'Spiderman' but just because I think it is better than 'Batman Begins'. Which I still think is a very good film and was the first superhero film to step slighty out of that genre.

Spider-Man was a fun little popcorn superhero film. Batman Begins was a sophisticated, mature superhero film and few superhero films are better than it.

It's Batman for me.

Batman est bien plus cerné, détaillé et réussi !


Batman. He's just cooler than Spider-man, and he doesn't have an irritating chick holding him back. Plus, Batman Begins is the better movie.

Spider-Man is clearly the better origin film here and the better character/franchise overall. I know that angers Batfans but Peter Parker is far more relatable and has far more depth. Plus, Raimi delivered a powerful trilogy. Nolan has given us two good films but SM1 topped BB and Spider-Man 2 tops TDK. Let's see how Batfans react when Nolan's third film inevitably falls short and disappoints. It's guaranteed to happen because expectations are too high.

Spider-Man wins. It has more heart and better performances. Nolan proved here that he has serious trouble filming action sequences. Plus, flower power and a magic microwave emitter is the basis for a master plot???

Spider-Man wasn't a bad movie, but Batman Begins still wins out.


Batman Begins has better acting and better direction.

I am going with Spiderman. Not that Batman Begins wasn't a good movie, but I think especially compared to The Dark Knight it dragged on, while Spiderman kept me interested and was a great starter to the franchise.

Spider-Man is clearly the better movie here. In fact, Spider-Man is the better franchise and character and it's not even close. I wonder if the movie reboot to childhood will hurt Spidey and help Batman???

I have to respond to JRM's comment about Batman not having "an irritating chick holding him back." Kirsten Dunst is much better in her role in "Spider-Man" than Katie Holmes is in "Batman Begins." These films, on the whole, are a close call for me.

Katie Holmes gets a bad rap. She's perfectly fine in Begins. And, in fact, I don't necessarily think Maggie Gyllenhaal brought anything to the table that made her an improvement in The Dark Knight. But yeah, if we're talking superhero love interests, Mary Jane Watson wins. Still, I love Batman more than Spider-Man (my second-favorite comic book hero) anyway, and Batman Begins is a superior film. (Spidey 2 gives it a run for its money...)

@Avenger7: Expectations ARE too high; I'm trying to keep mine down. However, after Inception, I'm finding that extremely hard to do. Nolan is a god.

BB cripples Spiderman due to having a for more interesting and complex backstory with a much better head actor, superior supporting cast, and an excellent main villain. Also, BB had excellent dialogue, whereas Koepp's grasp of palatable dialogue is lackluster at best, atrocious (Lucas Prequels standard) at worst.

I love Batman Begins but I think I'm going to surprise myself and go with Spiderman here, maybe it's because there is a reboot coming out and that makes me think of how much I really like this version of Spiderman

Not crazy about either, but I'm choosing Spiderman.


Batman Begins by default. Spiderman is the most overrated movie trilogy of all time...

Spiderman is the more fun and entertaining movie for me. I find the story more exciting and the characters more sympathetic. It also has a better sense of humour. Batman Begins was well-made but kind of bleak. But I've always preferred Spiderman as a superhero over Batman. I guess I like his wit and cheekiness over Batman's moroseness.

Spider-man for me.Batman Begins is only popular because of its vastly superior sequel.

I have to go with Spider-Man too. I've always felt the Peter Parker character to be the ultimate superhero alter ego--a geek! I related to his inability to make his personal life work out while having to serve humanity because of his guilt and and accidental bite.

Batman Begins.

Batman Begins for me. Both movies are origin stories, but Batman Begins took the formula and made it feel fresh and new. Nothing about it felt obligatory or routine and I never felt like I was being set-up without any payoff. I was invested in every single character, immersed in a new Gotham City, and I saw a side of the Bruce Wayne/Batman legend I hadn't ever seen. Spider-Man is a solid kick-start for its franchise, but at times it feels like it's going through the motions. I don't feel it's because of laziness or lack of imagination like some big-budget action films though. One part of me thinks the filmmakers were trying to make a movie that could appeal to the widest audience possible. At that time superhero movies were not as frequent as they are now and so I'm sure the stakes were a little higher. The other part thinks that Sam Raimi wanted to get all the basics out of the way so he could really put the pedal to the metal in Spider-Man 2 - which he did beautifully.

Batman Begins was superior, though Spider-Man is more fun.

Batman crushes Spidey.

Batman Begins is quite possibly the best superhero movie ever made, with the possible exception its own sequel. Spider-Man is charming and fun, but does not even compare to the brilliance of Nolan's reboot.

Spiderman wins easily for me.Not at all a batman begins fan.

Batman Begins, the film that officially established Nolan's cinematic dominance of the CBM landscape, then reinforced 3 years later with The Dark Knight.


Both origin stories I felt had been done several times before in different incarnations. Batman Begins dark tone I felt took itself too seriously and therefore was far more boring than Spider-Man, which I found way more fun ,and I actually enjoyed.

Bstman wins, while Spider-Man is a good example of a comic book movie, Begins is just something "more" that elevates the movie beyond the genre.

Spider-Man outclasses Begins by a country mile.

Batman Begins

Spider-Man just holds up so much better over time.


My initial reaction goes for Spider-Man but Batman Begins is the superior film in all respects.

I love Spider-Man but the romance kinda brings it down a peg. The Parker/Mary Jane relationship is easily improved upon in the sequel, but here it’s just pretty cringy. Other than that, it’s the perfect origin story with a great mix of emotion, action and character. I always go back and forwards between Iron Man and Batman Begins for the best origin story. Batman Begins manages to be a well structured, well written film with a mature origin story and the moments between Bruce and Rachel are great too which brings it above Spider-Man!

God. I wish there was a "tie" option. I love both of these films equally. I think Begins is a slightly better film and I don't like the Green Goblin's suit in Spider-man but other than that, both films work equally for me.

Batman Begins gets this one for me

No "tie" option needed. Spider-Man is heads and shoulders above and clearly the better film.

Batman Begins beats the overrated most boring original Spider-Man.

Batman Begins beats the overrated most boring original Spider-Man.

Batman begins.

So true. Spider-Man absolutely holds up so much better over time. Raimi's origin is ten times better than what we saw from Batsy Begins.

Spider-Man is beyond good but batman begins has the most impressive fights of the saga.

spider-man's villain and fights are the only thing superior to batman begins

after rewatch i think begin's villain > spiderman's villain too

Batman Begins beats every Spider-Man film except Into the Spider-Verse

batman begins is good but overrated, spiderman is great

not even close, BB > SM1 in almost everything

Raimi crushes Nolan here. Not even a contest.

Spider-Man was good for it’s time but it really doesn’t age well, Batman Begins is a fine wine that gets better overtime.

Batman Begins is a better film but I have so much more fun and nostalgia with Spider-Man that it has to to win.

Batman Begins is the far, far better film. Spider Man may have been good for it*s time, and it's influences and styles are still revolutionary, but I didn't enjoy it that much and I doubt I'd watch it again. But Batman Begins is a comic book masterpiece.

Spider-Man is great and all, certainly better than the garbage Marvel is pouring out lately. Batman Begins is still the best origin movie ever distributed to cinema

They're about equal for me, but Spider-Man has slightly more nostalgic value

Arguably two of the best superhero origin movies ever made I suppose, but Spider-Man all the way for me: I just find it a lot more rewatchable