Batman Begins vs. Following



And the better Christopher Nolan movie is...Batman Begins.

Following was a great debut, up there with PTA's Hard Eight and Aronofsky's Pi. Batman Begins is the best superhero origin story ever made and a top contender for best origin story period.

Batman Begins didn't impress me much. I love Following.

I'm with Boonmee on this one. Although I didn't quite "love" Following, I do think it's a lot better than Batman Begins, which is easily Christopher Nolan's worst (although I haven't seen Insomnia yet). But even Christopher Nolan's worst is still a mildly entertaining flick. I do have some serious problems with it, most of which have to do with the cheesy dialogue, some of the subplots and the action, but it isn't a bad movie. It's just okay.

Both great, but Begins is the clear victor.

Batman Begins is better on so many levels.

Memento > Inception > DK > Prestige > DKR > Following > Insomnia > BB

Two of Nolan's least good films. Following is very creepy with an interesting idea and twist but does get a bit confusing and, after thinking about the film, it isn't executed that well. Batman Begins is quite weak also but has a good origin story and helped make two very good sequels

What Squaremaster said.