Batman Begins vs. GoodFellas



goodfellas,it's not even worth explaining

No, it isn't (and I like Batman Begins).

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be BATMAN I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PAHHDS COUGH COUGH.


Batman for me.

It's my natural instinct to vote for Goodfellas.

Batman. But only just.

Goodfellas definitely

Begins is a damn good flick, but it's GoodFellas, no doubt.

Despite the fact i enjoyed Batman Begins, nothing in Nolan work is so badass like GoodFellas. I absolutely love it.

Goodfellas destroyes batman begins

Goodfellas is far far better and while Batman Begins is mostly boring forgettable the most very overrated movie of all time.

I'm going to bat for Batman Begins here. It's just the perfect origin story and a very rewatchable movie. Goodfellas is great but not one of my 5 favourite from Scorsese!

Batman Begins is probably the second best Batman film so far and it deserves major props for resurrecting a dead franchise that pretty much killed the superhero/comic book movie genre at the time, but it's just not Goodfellas.