Batman Begins vs. Batman



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Oh, this is easy. I love Burton's Batman, I really do. Watched it again just recently. Jack is fantastic. Burton's vision is super. But Nolan whupped his @$$ in every single way.

not fair

That's easy. Christopher Nolan made the real Batman. But he probably couldn't have done it if Burton hadn't prepared the way for a more serious interpretation of the comic. Begins wins.

This is what Flickchart was made for. The true test of taste.

"Batman." It has its flaws, yes, but having watched it on Blu-ray recently reminded me just how much I enjoy it. I've never quite wrapped my head around how the vaporizing weapon in "Begins" didn't kill all the people remotely near it. Plus, Elfman's score is much more enjoyable than what Howard & Zimmer turned in.

Michael Keaton Blows

Wow, the match up I was wondering about. Sentiment says Keaton's 1989 but the better story is Begins. I actually am going with 1989 Bats because of two reasons. 1) Jack's Joker was great. 2) Begins really lost steam when Bale actually put the suit on. Nolan's only weakness is that he doesn't know how to shoot action. Plus the "magic flower" bad guy plot was as cheesy as the end of 1989's Batman.

@minlshaw: I actually really love both scores. Elfman is one of my favorite composers of all time (right up there with Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams), and his Batman theme is totally iconic, but I think the stuff Howard & Zimmer did with Batman is really cool. And The Dark Knight soundtrack is even better; I love the stuff they did for the Joker.

Begins is well shot and edited and has the whole modernization that a lot of people like, but it is seriously flawed, especially in climatic sequences. The origin story is good and Cillian Murphy is an amazing Scarecrow but he is underused and the vaporization mechanism seems to not be thought out too well. The 1989 is wonderfully imaginative and is what cinema is all about.

Hard one. Do I pick Batman with its Nicholson Factor or Begins with its Scarecrow Factor.

Both Burton and Nolan brought something special to the Batman franchise, and this has ended up being one of the toughest choices for me on flickchart yet. But for all its dated campiness and flaws, Burton's '89 Batman barely edges out Begins for its lack of nonsensical water vaporizers and old guys repeatedly shouting "It's gonna blow!"

Batman Begins takes this one. Less cheese and better written film even though Keaton > Bale.

Jack Nicholson. Nuff Said.

You know what hasn't aged well? Batman Begins. And that's just in 5 years. You know what's still great? Batman. If this was Dark Knight, there might be some competition. But Begins has none of the heavy-handed monologuing.

'Begins' has the best Bats but 'Batman' has the better baddie.........Batman Begins wins because it's a great film, Batman is only good!

The choice is obvious. It's always serious over campy.

Wow! This is a tough choice. Love this franchise. I have to look at this as a whole. Tim Burton started the franchise with two great installments, Joel Schumacher flopped the next two, Christopher Nolan reinvented and brought the franchise back to life with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and is in the works for what looks like his third successful installment. Batman roles: Michael Keaton was okay, Kilmer and Clooney sucked, and Christian Bale is just in a whole different level. Villains: De Vito was a perfect penguin, Arnold sucked as freeze, Carrey was over the top as Riddler, Uma dint look the part, and Jack was excellent as Joker until Ledger aced the role in one of the best villain roles ever. At the end of the day, Christopher Nolan redefining the franchise and taking it to different heights, together with its success gives it the edge any day. BATMAN BEGINS.

the toughest batman question ever. dark knight is better than the rest, and the rest aren't as good as these too. I have to go with........ AAAAAHAHAHAHAHH... I DON"T KNOW!!!!

Batman Begins by a large amount. We really get to know Nolan's batman. Burton's batman..not so much. I do like the atmosphere in it though. But Begins still takes it.

I'll take Nolan any day over Tim Burton. Besides, the original Batman is what led to flops like Batman & Robin and Batman Forever...think about it.

I really liked the Burton/Keaton duology,but this one is a very easy choice. Batman Begins paved the way to a masterpiece and Nolan really showed how "superhero movies" can be so,so much more.

I say Batman. Begins was good but some of the comic relief dialogue got predictable, the action scenes had too much shaky cam, Scarecrow just gets tazered ands rides off without being taken down, Gordon is used for comic relief in the end scene and the biggest thing for me is Keaton, who IMO is a better Batman then Bale. (though Bale is a slightly better Bruce Wayne)

Batman 89 is the most overrated comic book film in the history of motion picture. From the horribly written characters (Mary Sue Vicki Vale, beyond incompetent commissioner and police) to contrived plot elements, to ridiculous visuals that make no sense and add nothing to the story, to jarring 80's pop songs. The only good things were the occasional fights, the Elfman score and Jack Nicholson. Batman Begins had a much tighter story with much more depth of character. Batman Begins FTW!

Looking back a few days after seeing Begins I think my main problem was the ending. The movie felt pretty self contained but then the ending seemed like some kind of cliffhanger. It didn't help that there were two endings either. (Batman with Gordon and then Bruce with Rachal)

Batman 89 had too many useless characters and plot holes for me to give it the win. Batman is simply a more engaging story with more substantial characters. Batman Begins wins.

Batman Begins is better.

Well annoying voices aside I'm going to go with Batman Begins. I love Jack as the Joker but I love how Nolan took a different look at Batman and it was visually better. However, I do agree that it did lose some of its luster when he put the suit on the original suit was kind of bulky and seemed hard to move in. The best part of batman is his agility

Batman Begins is clearly better. I think you'll prefer Begins if you're a fan of realism in comic-book films. Batman '89 is great with its Gothic set design and theatrical approach but overall, Begins is the more mature film. In terms of emotional impact, BB blows Batman out of the water. Jack was good but I'll never be able to see The Joker the same way again after Heath's portrayal. 89 felt like style over substance at times with more importance being given to visual aspects than story and characters. Rachel Dawes was depicted as a strong and independent woman where as Vicki Vale was mainly a shouting good-for-nothing idiot. Christian Bale's batman with those advanced gadgets and martial arts training was far more intimidating than the man-in-a-suit version of Michael Keaton. Except for the soundtrack which was great in both the films, BB is better in every department. So for me, Begins by far.


After rewatching Batman Begins today, I liked it a lot more than I watched it the first time. However, I still think it's easily the weakest of the Nolan Batman trilogy. There are some ideas that could have been executed better, the action is lame and I still have issues with the gas subplot. Speaking of gas subplots, I thought it worked much better in Batman '89. That movie has issues as well (in fact, none of the Batman movies are flawless), but is a lot more enjoyable in the end. Batman '89 wins. 'The truly mightier than the sword'.

Amazing that it took this long for me to get this. I think that Burton's Batman is closer to the comics, but i think that Nolan's Batman will prove to age well.

I'm a huge bat fanboy, and this choice isn't difficult for me. As a child I loved all the Burton flicks, but what Nolan did was perfect in every way. Burton's was like a live action cartoon. Nolan went with plausible, functional, personally I think that's what Batman is.

Batman is good, but Begins is better in every department.

Batman Begins was a mediocre Batman film so I Still think that the Batman 89 film is the best Batman film of the series.

In many ways, I think 89 Batman is at times "style over substance" Nolan's BB is "style and substance" It wins!

Gotta go with 89 all it's goofiness.

I love Batman, but BB is a much more mature look at the character, and Christopher Nolan is just way better than Burton.


The first Nolan's film obviously and i would say so much

Two of my favorite Batman films. I prefer the original

Batman Begins easily wins hands down. It's the most perfectly structured of all the Batman movies. As an origin story it can't be beat. It's well-paced it isn't as cheesy as the original (the Joker dancing to the Prince soundtrack in the original...) if at all. Nolan gave a hard edged, noirish thriller that is strong with character-development and is excellently filmed using creative editing and cinematography. It delves deeper into the Batman psyche than Burton's original, providing a film which is so intricately put together in every aspect. Bale gives a better performance as Batman and Bruce Wayne than Keaton. He takes the role to a whole other level. He physically bulks up for the role and is very believable to be able to fight crime. Gary Oldman's Gordan is better than Pat Hingle's, as is Michael Caine's Alfred compared to Michael Gough. Batman Begins is the clear winner.

Batman Begins makes Tim Burton`s Batman look like Spider-Man 3 in comparison.

Batman Begins takes it.

Michael Keaton was the better Batman but begins has a much better story.

Batman Begins is easily better, Batman 89 is flawed none simple that special.

Batman begins is the far superior film.

Begins but 89 had a better villain and soundtrack

Keaton is a slightly better Batman than Bale, Jack Nicholson’s Joker is the best Joker and beats Neeson’s Ra’s. But Batman 89’s story isn’t even half as good as Batman Begins’ story. Batman Begins wins

Batman Begins wins this one for me.

Batman 89 is fine, but is probably the most overrated Batman movie, definitely has not aged well at all and the plot is weak compared to the Nolan films.