Batman Begins vs. Ghostbusters



Batman Begins is the easy victor.

Overrated vs underrated. Batman wins.

Overrated Vs. Overrated. But I guess Batman Begins wins though. Ghostbusters has Not aged well at all.

That can't be the deciding factor, though, because how do we know Batman Begins will age well? I've never seen Ghostbusters (except in bits) but one thing I can say about its 80's cheese is that a lot of mainstream films these days are both weirder AND more mundane than when I was a kid. In other words, if Ghostbusters were remade, what kind of weird but boring CGI crap would we see? Ghostbusters is at least grounded in the human factor.

Batman Begins isn't aging well either. The special effects are pretty dated, even for 2005 standards. Still, I'm picking it over Ghostbusters, which I felt lukewarm towards at best.

Ghostbusters is a lot of fun no doubt, but it's got nothing on Batman Begins.


I must say, I'm surprised by the sweep for BB here, but I still concur that it is a more personal story and, frankly, more memorable overall. Still, GB does have some great zingers from Murray.

Ghostbusters, more fun I guess. Batman Begins would be better if the action was so sub part

Batman Begins is great but I watch Ghostbusters all the time so funny and has a great cast and cool effects a classic forever and the winner!