Batman Begins vs. Return of the Jedi



Nobody has commented on this yet? I'm surprised. Um, Begins I guess. It's not that bad.

Jedi. Not a fan of either of 'em. I prefer Begins' sequels and I prefer Jedi's preq....I prefer Star Wars and Empire.

My #8 and my #10, I think I'll go with Batman.

Batman has gone down and Jedi has gone up. Now Jedi is 5 and Batman is 13.

Ninjas > Ewoks

Return of the Jedi. One of those films where every bit of it is enjoyable.

Jedi smashes Begins....

I like return of the jedi but it has more problems then begins.

Jedi slaughters Begins. They are not even in the same dimensions.

Begins is good throughout, something that can't be said about Return of the Jedi's super-bizarre repetition of exchanges or its slow second act. But that first half hour of Return of the Jedi is perhaps the best part of the Star Wars franchise, whereas nothing about Begins is superior to its sequels.