Batman Begins vs. Fantastic Four



I remember there was a huge argument over these two movies on a forum when they came out. Basically, one guy said "Fantastic Four was better than Batman Begins", everyone else thought he was paid off by either Fox or Marvel to say that. Batman Begins was a hell of a lot better.

Fantastic Four is one of the films flickchart keeps pimping out. It is a terrible film on nearly every level. Can I please have it permanently sent to the bottom of my chart!?

Believe it or not, Fantastic Four made more money for Fox than BB did for the WB. BB spent a record on advertising at the time. I wish FF had spent their production budget better in terms of action. Chiklis and Evens are perfect as Ben and Johnny, however.

Interesting point! The fact that FF made more money for its studio proves that fun can beat dark at times. FF should've been a better film because I loved the SPX and most of the cast. Still, Could it have been better? Hell YES. Was it all bad? No way. Meanwhile, was BB overrated? Very Much So. The start of the film is wonderful but as The Batman, Nolan simply doesn't know how to film action.

FF is an outright assault on your senses, with the awful level of atrocious acting, the terrible specials effects and a bland plot that would make most Martin Lawrence films look tightly executed by comparison. BB wins in one of the biggest landslide victories ever.

Points conceded: Nolan has a hard time with action sequences. (But he's getting much better.) Fantastic Four is a cinematic cream puff; it's no good for you, but you might enjoy it anyway if you don't think about it. Anyway, I tend to think, reading comments around here, that I like FF more than most, but this is a total landslide victory for Batman, regardless.

Nolan does have a hard time with action sequences (made worse when you sit in the front row of an IMAX to see the Dark Knight as I did...), but at least he puts stuff in his action films that make you think just a little bit. And as for Fantastic Four making more money for Fox than BB made for Warner, I bet that for the sequels the position was reversed, demonstrating which of these audiences wanted to see more of. Batman is the clear winner.

One of the best comic book adaptations that paved the way for TDK, going up against a cinematic turd? contest.

Are you fucking serious? Batman Begins by a billion bloody miles.

Wow people actually vote for Fantastic Four? Wait nevermind it’s Avenger7. Really scared me for a second there

I've said it several times, but I'll gladly repeat it: I wish there was some way to indicate when you think a match-up is so ridiculously one-sided it's barely worth even talking about... Anyway: Batman, clearly.