Batman Begins vs. Watchmen



Not a big fan of either. I'll go watchman because of Earle Haley's performance.

Both had strong casts, but Batman Begins had less flaws and more poignancy.

Both good, but going to go with Batman. Arguably, Christopher Nolan had a less demanding challenge than Zack Snyder; all he had to do was make it better than the Schumacher films. He not only succeeded, but surpassed all expectations. Watchmen was a tougher film to make, and while it is both very good and my favourite Snyder film (not much seeing as the others I've seen I either hate or care little for), there's no denying that it suffers from a muddled plot and episodic feel. Batman doesn't suffer from this, so Batman it is.

batman begins for me i was hugely dissapointed in watchmen

Not a fan of Batman Begins' second half, so I'm going with Watchmen.

Nolan's trilogy beats out Watchmen for sure.

Love both, but no superhero film beats Batman Begins....except The Dark Knight....and The Dark Knight Rises.

Watchmen is the better comic book movie, the Dark Knight is the only one that might be Watchmen

I'll take Batman Begins. Never impressed by Watchmen...

Batman Begins for me as well, even though Watchmen is a stellar comic book film.

While Watchmen is a dark look at superheroes, it is nowhere near as dark as Batman Begins, and the action in Watchmen is more visually stunning to see than what Nolan brought to Batman. Batman Begins is too grounded in reality and thus must lose to Watchmen.

nolan involved of good collection over anything zack snyder