Batman Begins vs. Jaws



Dammit, second time today that I've had a tough one! OK, Spielberg's masterpiece or Nolan's brilliant handling of the Bat?... Raah... Jaws is a classic that probably deserves more credit than a franchise reboot but I love Nolan's work, I have to go with Batman.

Man that's tough... I'm gonna go with Jaws.

Yes Batman Begins is no mach for Jaws.

Jaws. Perioc


Jaws gobbles up most of the competition, including Batman Begins....

Jaws is a better film. I enjoyed Batman Begins simply because I am a Batman Fan though. B man wins.

Tough one for me. They are very close together on my list, but I've got to go with Batman Begins, it was a game changer for me.

I've just re-watched both over the last few days. I'm not nearly as into JAWS as I am into Batman in general, but I find myself enjoying JAWS more on each viewing, where BATMAN BEGINS has mostly remained at its original baseline for me over the last decade.

Jaws is better than every Nolan film. Plain and simple.

Batman begims sucks.Jaws beats it easily

Jaws is perfect at executing its premise. Batman Begins is not. Batman Begins is dogshit.