Batman Begins vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



I love both these movies damn you cruel fate!!!

I've stared at this choice for 5 minutes now...just can't choose! Crusade is the perfect cap to one of the best Trilogies (yes, it IS only a trilogy) in cinema history, but Begins is the perfect opener to what COULD also be an outstanding trilogy.

The TopBar says it all: "This is downright evil."

Batman > Indy for me as characters go, and I really like "Batman Begins," but right now at this precise moment I feel like I enjoyed "The Last Crusade" a bit more--even if it is largely a paint-by-numbers remake of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

You have chosen . . . wisely.

I'll go with the movie where the cheesy dialogue actually works.

Both top 20. They are seperated by just a few spots, Batman gets the win.

Last Crusade wins although it is my least favorite of the original Indy Movies. Batman Begins falls short due to much of the action which was poor.

Love the "He chose...poorly" *YEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!*" Still, Batman Begins is the most impressive origin film of any character I've ever seen.

Both are excellent in different ways. Batman Begins is dark and clever, Last Crusade is fun and immensely entertaining. Both are classics, and both are in my current top 20. Batman Begins for the win by a small margin, but I love both

One kicks off an amazing trilogy and one wraps up an amazing trilogy. Last Crusade is awesome, but Batman Begins has been in my 10 ever since 2005.