Horror of Dracula vs. The Curse of Frankenstein



Happy Halloween! Dracula vs. Frankenstein in a match-up you're probably not immediately thinking of when you hear Dracula vs. Frankenstein. Not the Universal versions, but the Hammer ones. I watched these two today and they were both awesome. They're both around 80 minutes long, but they're both highly entertaining, incredibly well acted and well executed. Horror of Dracula is probably my favorite of these two, despite the fact that it's probably more flawed and not so well paced. Peter Cushing, the man can act. He was fine as Tarkin in Star Wars, but he is phenomenal in both of these. Seriously, if you haven't seen either of these movies, watch them instead of watching the Universal versions for a change. They are genuinely great.

I agree with MysticSpoon. I watched both in the past few days and were both amazing. Lee's role in both are pretty short but Cushing really shines though Lee is absolutely terrifying as Dracula. I give the edge to Dracula because the story is simply a little more interesting to me and its always awesome to see Lee as a badass!

Of these two, Horror of Dracula is the one that’s stuck with me. More action-packed, and a better role for Lee.