Casino vs. GoodFellas



Tough call, both are favorites.

Both are great. I used to like Casino better but its just too slow.

GoodFellas is magic. Casino is mostly tedious, without any of the pizzazz or charm that makes GoodFellas memorable. The parts in Casino without Pesci or Stone are pretty good, but that doesn't leave much of a movie.

GoodFellas is EPIC.

I loved them both (even though Goodfellas required a second viewing), but I think in the end, Goodfellas is a tad better than Casino.

It's a trick, they are the same movie.


Goodfellas wins hands down.

Both in my top 20 but gotta go with goodfellas

Casino? Ca-SEEN-it. And liked it better when it was called "Goodfellas".

great matchup! Its a really tough choice but i prefer casino by a nose. "F%$# you, pay me" is still one of my favorite lines ever though

People who say "Casino's just the same thing, har har" or some dumb fuckin' variation are morons.

Goodfellas is better --- Casino is entertaining and enjoyable but it's not Goodfellas

Goodfellas is much better than Casino is, Casino is a good movie but not even nearly as good as Goodfellas.

Both are great, but without Goodfellas and the success of Goodfellas, there's probably no Casino. Goodfellas has the overall better story as well... and has Ray Liotta instead of Sharon Stone.

Haha what Whimper said.

Goodfellas is a masterpiece!

Casino is better.

I love Goodfellas but Casino is too much fun.

I personally have always preferred Casino.

They're both great, but Casino does take its sweet time telling its story. Because of that, GoodFellas wins.

Hehehe, I'm definitely in the minority here. I love Casino.

Somehow, I liked Scorsese's direction in Casino more than GoodFellas. He captured the Vegas lifestyle and the whole working of casinos brilliantly.

I saw Casino before GF and maybe that's why I incline towards it. I, however, must admit that GoodFellas had the better dialogue. Both are masterpieces as far as I'm concerned. I just wish people didn't shun Casino as "GoodFellas in Vegas". That's a bit unfair I feel.

Oh come on. You can't compare the two. Both great movies, but GF is in the pantheon of the greatest of all time.

Holy crap! What a draw. I have to go with Goodfellas.

"People who say "Casino's just the same thing, har har" or some dumb fuckin' variation are morons." On the other hand some people just can't bring themselves to admit when a director they like is going through the motions. Maybe the truth is... ~*~*~*somewhere in the middle~*~*~*. Anyway, Joe Pesci is a riot in both, but without him, Goodfellas would still have a lot going for it, while I'd be struggling to find a point in Casino.

Goodfellas has held up great every time I re-watch it. Plus it is one of the 3 best gangster films.

This is extremely difficult because both have the esteemed honour of being my two fave Scorsese films. Casino is still my favourite movie of all time though.

it comes down to my personal intersest although they are great films,casino


The Sharon Stone character annoyed me after a while, GoodFellas it is.

Goodfellas has a freshness about it that I really like. Casino is similar in style but lacks that freshness.

I used to like Casino better, but now I like Goodfellas just a bit better.

I'm a sucker for narration and musical montages, so in this Marty Match, it's got to be Goodfellas.

After repeated viewings, Goodfellas 4 times and Casino 3 times, my favorite is now Goodfellas. I do still love Casino though.

GoodFellas is better, but Casino doesn't deserve to be called it's not as good sequel.

I'm going with Casino it feels like the same movie as Goodfellas but to me it's better there's just more going on in it

Goodfellas is a masterpiece, cinematically and as entertainment. Casino isn't even nearly as entertaining. It still shocks me that so many people go with Casino but Goodfellas is a lot better in every single way than Casino

Goodfellas has it all intense moments funny scenes and crazy cool style one of the best opening scenes ever and a scary scene with Pesci and Liota "How am I funny"" Goodfellas is magic in a bottle.


Casino is probably my least favourite Scorsese film. Too much exposition and goes nowhere yet takes a long time to get there. Goodfellas, is also flawed, but it has a better and more gripping story!

Goodfellas is a very greater movie and Casino well Casino, is just Boring for me


Goodfellas the better film.

GF but Casino was good aswell. Ginger was incredibly annoying tho

I agree with @TheFireRises. Karen over Ginger for me.

Goodfellas and Casino are both some of the greatest movies ever in history.

Casino has the better cinematography and editing. Unpopular opinion, but I prefer Pesci's performance as Santoro. That being said, Goodfellas is more memorable in both story and characters. Lorraine Bracco is also a much better actress than Sharon Stone. So Goodfellas wins here, though Casino is still a masterpiece.

Casino. Goodfellas is overrated.