Conan the Barbarian vs. First Blood



Stallone vs. Arnie in two of their better films. First Blood is excellent, much under-rated and dismissed by people who haven't seen it. Conan the Barbarian is quintessential early Arnie. Muscles, swords and more muscles. It even has the voice of Darth Vader playing the bad guy who can command his subjects to willingly throw themselves to their deaths. Of the two, First Blood is definitely the better.

First Blood surprised me by how low-key it was, especially in comparison to just about every other 80's action flick. I enjoyed Conan, don't get me wrong, but I was laughing at it too; First Blood was taught and intense, and I only snickered at Stallone's angry rant at the end.

Tough call, got to go with Conan.

Arnold is my favourite actor. Or action star since he isn’t known for acting. But Conan isn’t in my top 10 of his films. First Blood crushes Conan.