The Hidden Fortress vs. Star Wars



Star Wars would not have been without The Hidden Fortress, and I think of THF as a little overrated.

Sometimes I feel like I've seen a different Kurosawa than everyone else has. THF was alright, but great...? Good, even? Ehh... By the fifth "funny", "lighthearted" rape joke, it starts showing its age.

I can only think of one rape joke that was in the movie but I don't think Kurosawa really meant for it to be funny in a lighthearted way(haven't you ever heard of dark comedy?). I prefer The Hidden Fortress. The two bumbling and pathetic peasants where fun characters. Everything from the characters, to the story and the acting worked. It doesn't show its age at all. People make rape jokes today (Daniel Tosh) so I don't understand how this film shows its age. Just because you don't like some of the humor? This movie was very funny, dispite what may or may not have been "lighthearted" rape humor. I don't think rape is funny but your being to hard on what IS a great movie.

Yeah, I don't there's anything in The Hidden Fortress worth getting bent out of shape over. It certainly doesn't make a joke out of rape (at least, that's not how I interpreted it.) Anyway, I think Star Wars is pretty thoroughly the better film in this matchup. The Hidden Fortress is good, but a bit longer than it really needed to be.

Star Wars thumps the solid Kurosawa flick...