Inside Llewyn Davis vs. O Brother, Where Art Thou?



The Coens' two most musical films and the matchup that came to mind the most while I was watching ILD. O Brother is my choice, but not by too much.

O Brother Where Art Thou? didn't appeal to me that much, although I still liked it quite a bit. Inside Llewyn Davis was the better of the two though, I thought.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? is the one I'm picking here. Just so original and entertaining, can't help but love it.

O Bro Where U At for now, but Llewyn is seriously just as much of a masterpiece.

I really enjoyed both of these, but I'm going to pick Inside Llewyn Davis because I very much liked the study and capturing of a struggling folk singer's world.

And my mind has been changed.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Two great coen brothers films but I'll go with O Brother, Where Art Thou

Currently O Brother is higher...but I'll reserve my right to change my mind...

Coen Brothers are the best directors of the 21st century and Llewyn Davis is the best film of the 21st century and one of my top 5 all time.

O Brother is by far better

Llewyn Davis feels like it's missing an ending. I love Oh Brother Where Art Thou. It also is the more significant film in terms of the music industry as well.