Inside Llewyn Davis vs. Her



2013 awards season movies with songwriter characters, and memorable scenes involving cats. Very close... but Her wins.

Both of these movies were phenomenal, but something about Inside Llewyn Davis really took me by surprise, which surprisingly makes it my favorite of 2013 so far.


Inside Llewyn Davis

I still maintain that Inside Llewyn Davis is the biggest omission from a lot of categories at the Academy Awards this year.

^I completely agree with that! But back to this match-up, I have to admit that I am having a very head-scratching time with deciding what to go with. Both of these films are without a doubt two of my favourites of 2013 and give a very clever and excellent look at a character who is lonely in the world. They also get better the more I think about them, so that makes choosing one even more difficult. Two simply fantastic films -- I need to wait longer until I can make my mind up.

O man close but I've got to take her

beautiful movies... gotta go with HER


Both are amazing. Her takes it.

Oh goodness gracious ... two absolute masterpieces from 2013. For sake of how inventive it is, and how many emotions it brings out of me, I gotta go with Her.