Metropolis vs. M



Gotta go with M. Metropolis was good, but M had a great message of crime and punishment.

M is just a step above Metropolis...

Two amazing Fritz Lang films, but M is one of the most incredible movies I have ever seen in any genre. Metropolis might be the greatest look at the future ever made and even more impressive that it's done nearly 100 years ago.

I don't get the love for M at all. The story has no main character I could identify with, or a main character at all for that matter.

The are so many... I mean SO MANY creative directorial insights in M, SO MANY blueprints for countless scenes to come, besides being a thrilling thriller (cmon, it's not always that a horror horrifies, and so) but I'll never forget the way I felt astonished hours after watching Metropolis.

I prefer the sci-fi

M is one terrifying psychological thriller, but Metropolis is a beautiful dystopian masterwork. It's a tough decision, but M wins in my book.

both are amazing foundational masterworks, but i prefer the crime thriller to the dystopian epic here

Just saw both of them recently. 2 amazing movies, but I feel like Metropolis is slightly better

The sets in Metropolis only peak my interest a slight bit, and the story is overdone cliche and one-dimensional by modern standards. M holds up waaay better. Metropolis does not hold up at. Fucking. All.