Die Hard 2 vs. Die Hard With a Vengeance



When I was younger, Die Hard with a Vengeance was my favorite of the (then) three movies. Now, I would take both the original and Live Free or Die Hard over it. However, it's still easy to choose Vengeance over Die Harder.

I'm going to have to go with A Vengeance largely because of the Samuel L. Jackson factor.

I love Samuel L. Jackson, but there has always been something about the set pieces in 'Die Harder' that have excited me all the time. The entire Airport and nearby church just feel like fully realized locations used perfectly.


Dennis Franz, William Sadler, and all the mullet headed extras at Stapleton Airport gives 2 a slight edge.

Die Hard 2 is just money in the bank. Not as good as the original...but superior to three and four in my opinion. You just can't get enough Mclane....

Sometimes it's just better to copy the original than making something new. Not that Die Hard With a Vengeance wasn't great, but Die Hard 2 is closer to the original Die Hard in terms of setting and quality.

I like Die Hard 2 more! DHWAV might be good but it's one flaw I have with it is Samuel L. Jackson's character, I never liked him in this.

I love all four, but Vengance wins this one.

Vengeance by a long margin.

Vengence babe

Die Hard 2 wasn't a John McClane film. The most he did was looking over someone's shoulder while saying "Oh shucks, this is JUST like the first film! What are the odds! Zoinks!". Sure, he was in some action scenes, but that doesn't automatically make him the main character. That film had no main character. It's a silly Bond film to the original, and I love me some Bond, but the action felt like an insult. That scene where he uses and ejector seat to escape? That fight on a wing of a moving plane? C'mon, that's not the brutal realism of the first film, that's Roger Moore Bond era action. Prime example that making your film bigger and flashier doesn't make it better. With a Vengeance at least felt like a legitimate sequel.

Really like Die Hard 2, love Vengeance.

Vengeance has Sam Jackson.

1: Die Hard (Easily) 2: Vengeance (Easily) 3: Live Free (Close to the second I guess but a much better story) 4: Die Harder (It sat at the bottom until the worst fucking movie of all time came out) AND 5: A Good Day (Almost left the theater)

Love them both pretty equal, but I recall liking Die Harder more.

Close, but Vengeance is more memorable and thus gets the edge.

Fie Hard with a Vengeance felt more like a true sequel that DIe Hard 2. Plus, it was just a better movie straight up.

Give me the third installment over the airport/plane version.

vengeance is the only great die hard flick.

Die Hard 3 is more original and has a better ensemble of cast members and characters. Nothing against Die Hard 2 which has some very great action sequences!

Die Hard 2 is easily the best Die Hard movie

Die Hard 3 edges out here.

Vengeance knocks 2 out easily

die hard is very good movie