Die Hard 2 vs. Die Hard



Definately the original non-sequal.

Hm. The best Die Hard movie vs. the worst Die Hard movie.... Tough call.

The best vs. the better... I go with Die Hard 2.. the better

The original Die Hard is the best, no doubt about that. It's still close, though, between those two since Die Hard 2 is awesome as well.

the worst die hard movie? the worst die hard movie was the newest with 3 right behind it. series went downhill when it became a buddy movie.

The sequel is OK, but the Original is much better

Typically I like to focus on the positives of my choice rather than the weakness of the second banana. Here I must make an exception. Die Hard 2 is the sequel which should be used as the cautionary tale for all execs who want to pillage successful franchises. The only decent sequel to the iconic and game changing original Die Hard is 3. 2 and 4 are based on the preposterously dumb even for a B-Grade action pic premise that a garden variety cop like McLane could stumble into 2 more once in a lifetime capers by chance. At least Die Hard with a Vengeance does us the courtesy of explaining how McClane could possibly find himself in the same boat again. In any case Die Hard 2 is poorly written, cast, acted and has among the dumbest climactic explosions ever. While the original may seem like the same dumb fare, it is actually taut, fluid and funny and even adheres to the Aristotelian unities of time and location. Die Hard by a mile.

Die Hard is a CLASSIC. Too bad they immediately jumped the shark and had to get so crazy with the action. What made Die Hard work was the "everyman" factor. They got back to it a little with the last film (Live Free or Die Hard) but the middle two films are really too over-the-top to enjoy.

Sure win for part one. Simple action taking place in one single building with very few people involved. Works perfectly.

Honestly, if Die Hard 2 had another "uh oh, not this again!" line, I might've screamed.

Die Hard has more memorable scenes than the sequel. Easy choice for me. BOTH good movies though, as TRS would have put it.

Love both, but the original is better.

Die Hard - 1 Die Hard: With A Vengeance - 2 Live Free or Die Hard - 3 Die Hard 2: Die Harder - 4

I think Die Hard 2 is an amazing sequel. I enjoyed it immensely. That being said, the original is slightly better, mostly because the villain is more charismatic and the plot is more believable.

Die Hard 2 kind of sucks. The original isn't that great in my eyes, but it's easily better than the sequel.

Good < Better < Best = 3 < 2 < 1.

"Ladies and Gentle men...Ladies and gentlemen."

Loved the sequel, but it's the one where they're on just one location. Yippe-ki-yay, motherfucker.

The original is a classic and 10 times better than the sequel.

Quality of the villain dictates the quality of the Die Hard. I'm with Hans.

I’m one of the rare people that really likes 2. Similar to the first? Yes. Exciting, well made and has the same charm? Also yes. Oh, but the first one still reigns supreme!

Whew, I unknowingly rewatched DH2 because I forgot I'd already seen it. It aged terribly. The original DH is far more watchable. Flickme's description of DH as "taut" is very appropriate. It's a far better constructed film in every way.

I don’t often say this, but I fully agree with Eagleskywalkee87 here. I love Die Hard 2, it’s severely underrated. I almost enjoyed it as much as the first. But yes, the first Die Hard is a masterpiece that beats this one.

Die Hard 2 is good, but the original is still a masterpiece