On the Waterfront vs. A Streetcar Named Desire



Classic Brando films. I prefer ASND over OTW, though.

Otw beats easily

I say On the Waterfront is slightly better.

On the Waterfront is my pick. The performances in both are outstanding though.

On the Waterfront in just a damn slaughter...

I freaking love On The Waterfront Street Car is ok at best.

I'm more or less the opposite of the user above. I think A Streetcar Named Desire is rather good, but On the Waterfront rather bored me.

Brando was magnificent in both films, but On the Waterfront was much better in my opinion.

Both brilliant Brando films but I slightly prefer On The Waterfront.

I suppose A Streetcar Named Desire has its share of memorable moments, but On the Waterfront has so many more rousing scenes. Father Barry's "This is my church!" speech to the dock workers is one of the most badass in movie history and, of course, the final scenes with Marlon Brando are now iconic. On the Waterfront wins.

Two terrific performances by Brando. Waterfront for me.

Godfather, On the Waterfront, and A Streetcar Named Desire are 3 of my 6 favorite films, so needless to say, I am a fan of Marlon Brando and his movie choices. On the Waterfront is slightly better than Streetcar because it is the more powerful theme for me, with the power vs powerless and the brother vs brother elements of the film. Streetcar has one of the greatest performances of any film ever with Vivien Leigh as Blanche. Her performance overpowers the film, but it doesn't eclipse the collective performances of Brando, Cobb and Malden in On the Waterfront.

Not gonna lie, I just watched A Streetcar Named Desire, and I was pretty disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I really don't think its anything special. On the Waterfront is easily the better Kazan/Brando collaboration.

Two of the most incredible films I have ever seen. Two films staring Marlon Brando. Two films that are consistently underrated because The Godfather is so amazing. Marlon Brando is the star of 3 of the 6 best films I have ever seen.

Without the performances Streetcar would've sucked. The story's good but it's really lacking besides Kazan's direction and all of the performances, which are some of the best put on film. On The Waterfront is possibly the greatest film I've ever seen thanks greatly to the performances, screenplay, editing and cinematography. The criterion collection blu-ray of Waterfront also happens to be one of the best blu-ray releases.

I feel that Brando's performance is better in Streetcar

Brando was amazing in both of these movies, however in A Streetcar Named Desire, Brando's performance was the only thing that was good about it. On the Waterfront is the better movie as its plot development was so much more interesting and meaningful, whereas, A Streetcar Named Desire was so basic and pointless in my opinion.

"A Streetcar Named Desire" has Marlon Brando giving one of the best performances of all time. It also has a great atmosphere and I also liked Blanche's descent into madness (even if it was too late for me!). But Vivien Leigh's acting was a little too stagey for me. The character of Blanche started with potential but in almost every scene 'til the climax she was either crying for trying to impress every guy she meets. It makes her character a little hard to find compelling for me! Also, it want about half an hour too long. "On The Waterfront" has more than just a great performance by Brando. It has great themes about power and corruption. The cinematography and sound design is beautiful and Terry Mallory is one of the best characters ever put to film! My only little gripe is that the score can be too overpowering at times but that doesn't take away from how great everything else was! "Waterfront" thumps "Streetcar"!