On the Waterfront vs. 12 Angry Men



Interesting matchup...this one goes to 12 Angry Men.

Great matchup i gotta go 12 Angry Men... oh man that hurts.

12 Angry Men is much better than that awful and booring On the Waterfront is.

Well, damn. Lumet was film royalty just for having made Serpico and Dog Day. 12 Angry Men's good shit, but it doesn't measure up to the aforementioned. On the Waterfront was great. Brando pulls you in and makes it look easy. 12 Angry Men just doesn't do the same for me. It's well-acted, well-directed...but I don't quite understand its reputation.

12 Angry Men is head and shoulders above Waterfront...

Lee J. Cobb is gripping in both films taking on Fonda and Brando. 12 Angry Men is the better film because of the incredible ensemble performance and is slightly better at showcasing how one man can make a difference.

I agree with everything that Saltzman_Sees said. 12 Angry Men for the win.

Oh man. Lee J. Cobb was awesome in both. He's a show stealer as he stole the show in 12 Angry Men and was vying to do the same in On the Waterfront. Brando was just too superb to let that happen though in Waterfront. Guess I'm going with 12 Angry Men for now. Man this is TOUGH!!!

OTW with ease!!

2 fine example of why the 1950's is my favorite decade for movies.

on the waterfront. both are classic 50's films but waterfront is just better though

Both were important for the times they were made, but I think that 12 Angry Men have aged better.

So tough, as both are in my to 4 right now. However, OTW is #4 and 12AM is #3. 12AM wins this, barely...

Twelwe Angry Men is by far the best movie from the 1950's. On the Waterfront is so boring.

On the waterfront is far from boring but 12 angry men is definitely better

On the Waterfront was one of those seminal movies that showed me as a high school beginner cinephile how a powerful script can go a long way for a movie. I had immense expectations for that movie that were met when I watched it. But MAN, 12 Angry Men is also SO GOOD! I love all of the performances and the direction Lumet demonstrated in just his first feature-length movie. Just because 12 Angry Men pulled off the more impossible task for me, I'll go with that one, but I love On the Waterfront so much as well.