Antichrist vs. Eyes Wide Shut



Daaaammmnnnn...two epic films! Antichrist...


Anti Christ was over ambitious and inferior to Eyes Wide Shut.

Antichrist was interesting enough but it really doesn't hold a candle to Eyes Wide Shut

Antichrist is more of a bizarre curiosity than actual entertainment. Eyes Wide Shut is mostly good, though I don't care for the whole mystery part of it. I would rather Tom Cruise went to the house, saw some crazy things and then moved on. Just watching Cruise wandering through the night trying to score while he imagined Nicole Kidman screwing the Naval officer was fine for me. I didn't like the scene where Sydney Pollack explains everything toward the end. Anyway, are these both movies about how women torture men? Or are they both about how men don't understand women? I'm not much of a Charlotte Gainsbourg fan, so watching her torture Willem Dafoe wasn't as good as Cruise vs. Kidman.

I don't like either of these movies. They just grate on me. I enjoy moments, that's as far as i will go. For me i just don't want to sit down to watch movies like these other than that i can have my opinion. I understand why people would like both films, yet i found nothing for me to want to revisit either. Eye Wide Shut only because it's Antichrist.

Had to think about this one for a while. Not a huge fan of either, and quite frankly, I felt let down by Antichrist. Eyes Wide Shut had a million flaws, but I'll say that it squeaks by on this one.

Two movies in which you tune in for the nudity & say WTF during the rest!Both are gonna stay pretty low on my chart


Antichrist is a one timer. Eyes Wide Shut is rewatchable.

That Eyes Wide is a fucking great film; a one-of-a-kind. Kubrick went out with a bang. Easy, easy, easy decision.

I've read that Eyes Wide Shut was a deconstruction or veiled exposure of the Illuminati cult, while Antichrist was an affirmation of Gnosticism. I don't find either of these themes especially edifying or entertaining. There is a sort of tedium to both films, but it's been a long time since I went to watch Eyes Wide Shut, and Antichrist is marginally creepier and more repulsive, more depressing; on the other hand, I like Gainsbourg, she's my second favorite actress, and I don't like Tom, it's a toss-up.

Antichrist is great, but Eyes Wide Shut is fantastic.

both are incredible, but eyes wide shut is superior in every way except acting and imagery