Antichrist vs. Sweet Movie



Sweet Movie, Antichrist... I'd like to meet someone who likes both of these movies. Not for pretentious, arty film snob-type reasons that come with a long winded interpretation of what the movies are supposed mean. But just a straight-forward individual who genuinely enjoys the films for the content that appears on the screen. From that perspective, I can say that I enjoy Sweet Movie up until people start puking. It's more difficult to say where I like and dislike Antichrist exactly, because it's patchy. But, because of the onslaught of grossness in Sweet Movie, I would rather sit through Antichrist under most circumstances.

These are 2 entirely different kinds of films, Antichrist is something i could only see once, and i admire the Tarkovsky feel at the end, but Sweet Movie is a favorite, it's anarchic fun with some seriousness layered into it. I can watch it endlessly as it resembles a music album one lisyens to over and over again. It may be more gross in some respects, but it is also more lighthearted, and less violent.