Raging Bull vs. Rocky



Toughest choice I've ever had to make!

This one makes no sense! Can we have them fight on Rocky 8 so that I can make my desicion?

Bobby D gave the best performance I've ever seen onscreen. There's really no comparison in my mind.

As much as I love Rocky, it really can't live up to the greatness that is Raging Bull.

Raging Bull is the greatest actor of all time doing the greatest performance of all time... love Rocky but this one goes to Raging Bull

I'll be the oddball and choose Rocky.

I finally got a chance to see Raging Bull for the first time and, while I appreciate the film for what it is, Rocky is a much more well-rounded, entertaining, and rewarding film-watching experience.

I'll go with Rocky also...for the mere fact that if there was no Rocky...there would be no Rocky IV.

Raging Bull is the best movie of all time, with the best acting of all time by De Niro. Easy choice here.

Let's see...Acting, filming, directing, editing, did I mention acting? All goes to Raging Bull.


ROCKY IS MY FAVORITE MOIVE OF ALL TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raging Bull. And this is no contest, its complexity, performances, cinematography all sweep Rocky of its feet.


Raging Bull is much better.

Raging Bull.

Raging Bull may have better production all around, but Rocky's story is better and told perfectly in my opinion.

Good match up this one. I'm a big De Niro fan and his performance was awesome but I will go with Rocky. Its a great example of what can be achieved on a shoestring budget, it meant a lot to the people responsible for making the movie and this heart is present within the film.

Rocky may have "heart" (though even that is arguable), yet it has no real brains, brawn, or talent behind said "heart." Raging Bull wins by first round knockout.

Raging Bull. No contest. Everything is better.

I've just seen Rocky for the first time ever- Yes! But Raging Bull easily wins this, both are top 50 films but Raging Bull is not only the film I prefer but I view it as the better film as well. Scorsese is just one of them directors!

Rocky scores yet another upset!

Two great boxing flicks, but Raging Bull goes beyond sports movie conventions and excels as a cinematic masterpiece far beyond the Rocky, because RB isn't really a sports movie so much as a character study supremely directed, edited and acted. Rocky is a great feel-good film, but RB delves into the ugly side of human nature with bravado. Raging Bull wins by knock-out.

No contest, really. I honestly didn't think Rocky was all that great. Everything about it was just decent. Decent story, decent characters, decent directing, decent dialogue. The only thing that stood out was the acting, which admittedly was pretty good. I just wasn't the biggest fan of the Rocky character, and the build-up to the big fight didn't work for me at all. The sugarcoated ending didn't help either. Raging Bull on the other hand is probably my favorite Scorsese flick, it's an incredibly well made biopic with great performances, I love it.

Raging bull is way way better. These are not even comparable. The best thing about Rocky is some of the classic lines and the score.

I loved Raging Bull, but Rocky is my pick. Even though I think Raging Bull is technically a better film as far as the directing goes, you can't beat the inspirational story in Rocky. It has had a much MUCH bigger impact in pop culture. It has inspired many people, including myself, to go out and achieve greatness. And Rocky is one of, if not THE most lovable character in cinematic history. My personal favorite. So Rocky has had the biggest impact that has spanned across the world. ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY!

Rocky was ok, but c'mon...

Any Rocky over Raging Bullshit any day.

Raging Bull. De Niro showcases a masterclass in screen acting that has rarely been seen, and Scorsese's direction is outstanding as well.

Rocky and Raging Bull are two of the best DRAMAS ever made. I don't classify either as a boxing movie even though it plays a major role. Raging Bull has beautiful cinematography and great acting yet Rocky is just a tad better to me. Not saying RB didn't, but Rocky is one of those films that influence me most as a person and a moviegoer!

No question in my mind, this goes to Raging Bull

Wha the? Rocky is SO much more entertaining.

I feel like Rocky is for audiences and Raging Bull is more so for critics and those who wants to examine film. Anyone can enjoy Rocky but Raging Bull is for the more mature moviegoers. Rocky has themes you would expect in underdog movies but it's so well executed and emotional. Rocky has themes about the good side of life but Raging Bull has themes about the darker and bad sides of life. For me, I do prefer Rocky because of the affect it had on me personally. I also find the character of Rocky more inspiring and grounded than most characters ever written!


Raging Bull is a masterpiece.

Rocky>Raging Bull

I'm going Rocky and not even flinching. Simply better.

Raging Bull. It maybe difficult to sit through, but it is one of the most powerful films ever made. DeNiro gives one of the best performances from any actor and Scorsese's direction is absolutely magnificent.