Raging Bull vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Dammmmmmn! One passionately humanistic, the other endlessly daring. Both unconventional structures. Both are probably my favorite films from their respective directors. Both robbed at the Oscars (2001 wasn't even nominated!). Both in my top 10, maybe top 5. But there's something about the Stargate sequence I just don't like. And 2001 is arguably too slow in a few places, although I love the length of the scenes in the HAL section. Anyway, Raging Bull never had a weak sequence for me.

Raging Bull.....all day, everyday.

Raging Bull. More watchable.

Shout out to Raging Bull, but 2001 wins.

I really can't think of why, but Raging Bull takes this one for me. Maybe because I need to be in a special mood to watch 2001. Raging Bull I can watch on demand and still love.

2001 i like more and its a more important film!

Raging Bull in a romp.

I thought 2001 gave an amazing sense of wonder. Raging Bull, on the other hand, was a snoozefest.

Raging Bull but both are absolutely amazing!

Raging Bull does not stand a chance.


Love them both but 2001 gets the nod.


Both in my top 20. Raging Bull is definitely a compelling character study but I prefer the artistic style and complexity of 2001!