Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. Thor: Ragnarok



Both fun, but "Homecoming" writing and jokes felt more "one and done" while "Ragnarok" humor was more rooted in character and development. Thus Ragnarok gets the edge for better rewatch value.

Thor is mediocre. Soulless, generic, relies more on jokes than character development. But Homecoming SUCKS! It has everything wrong with Suckarock expect none of the redeeming qualities that Suckarock has! NO RAIMI, NO MAGUIRE MEANS NO SPIDER-MAN!

Thor over Spider-Man

Without question Thor delivered the better MCU movie of 2017. Not even close.

Thor: Ragnarok is the best Marvel film of the entire year. Even with a hot Aunt May and Uncle Tony Spider-Junior can't compete.

Thor was a ton of fun, but I think ultimately sacrificed any really drama or stakes in the name of a few too many jokes. Spider-Man: Homecoming was a more complete and satisfying movie.

Super difficult. Nod to Thor...but tough...

Thor Ragnarok wins by a landslide. Thor Ragnarok had amazing characters, fun action scenes, great humor, great storytelling, and creativity. Spider Man Homecoming had none of these things.

I guess I’m one of the few that prefered Spiderman: Homecoming

Thor Ragnarok is awesome. It's has great storytelling, awesome characters, great humor, creativity, and some emotion. Spider Man Homecoming was generic, boring, predictable, and just felt like Iron Man 3.5. I don't hate Homecoming but I don't like it either. Thor Ragnarok wins easily.

I strongly dislike Thor 3. The movie kind of bored me after hearing how funny it was I saw the movie leaving feelimg very empty afterwards. A lot of the jokes were misses. Jeff Godldblum was weird but not in an funny way. I've watched Spider-Man Homecoming at least 5 times amd still manage to laugh at most og the jokes. Homecoming wins. Plus I love how Tony treated Peter like his son. It was very sweet. I enjoyef the story in it more anyway. Thor Ragnarok is by far the most overrated film in the MCU

Thor Ragnarok is far better. While a dash of SJW retardedness showed up with the Valkyrie fiasco casting it was nothing like the SJW retardedness that made up a bulk of Spider-Man Homecoming.


Both were great but Thor is better.

pretty great films from 2017 and way better than guardians 2, but ragnarok wins here

ragnarok but HC isn't bad

The 2017 Marvel Studio movies are all around the same level, Ragnarok wins

SH. Holland is superior to Hemesworth, and Disney unusually brings poor actors.

Homecoming is pretty good for a first MCU Spider-Man movie, but still an easy victory for Ragnarok in my opinion.