Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. Black Panther



Spidey gets the edge over two fine but very flawed MCU movies. Homecoming is dragged down by forced sjw stuff and Black Panther is dragged down by a different kind of agenda politics. Placing agenda over entertainment rarely works for the benefit of a film.

Both movies have villains that are far more interesting than the heroes. The Black Panther character at least has the benefit of being somewhat fresh. Spider-Man version 3.0 feels stale to me. It's been done before. I'll stick with Black Panther.

I'm with Caesar here, Black Panther was more fresh.

Avenger7 is a conservative Trump.supporting asshat confirmed. (Btw, Black Panther's the better movie between the two.)

I agree with Caesar on the villains. As for the heroes I found Spider-Man far more relatable, and felt like the problems T'challa had to deal with as king were somewhat brushed over. Homecoming easily for me.

No need for name calling here. Spider-Man Homecoming is the stronger film of the two. Both had some of the best MCU villains in recent years.

For me, slight, slight edge to Spider-Man...

Black Panther easily. Better acting, relates itself to political issues and a much better villain. NO RAIMI, NO MAGUIRE MEANS NO SPIDER-MAN!

Black Panther

If Klaw was the only villain in BP the stories would be pretty similar, eh? The high school drama in Spider-man is all that helps me split the tie & vote for BP.

Spider Man Homecoming


homecoming. BP is nearly on the bottom of the MCU

black panther is best of 2018 and better than every spiderman movie

i change my mind, i prefer BP