Avengers: Endgame vs. The Avengers



Most very easy Endgame.


I'll also take Endgame.

The original is and now always will be the king. Altering timelines hurts my head.

Endgame is mostly 100% better of ever, I love all 4 movies of the trilogy but Endgame was the best of the series.


The first Avengers movie is a very simple movie. It has nice character interactions but the movie just feels basic and soulless. Endgame has bigger problems, but damn it's still a very good movie! The dialogue heavy first act, the time travelling of the second and the overall badassery of the third act come together to create a satisfying conclusion worthy of being one of the biggest films of this decade. The first Avengers... not so much...

I’m taking Endgame here best of one of the best of all time.

Avengers 1 is the better film and film experience.

Neither are good films. IW is much better than either.

I may assumed that infinity war was the best avengers of the entire flick but endgame has the most better terrific characters above it.

Endgame was much better. Although I didn’t like either as much as infinity war

Original Avengers is better in every way that matters. Endgame gave us too many out of character moments. Even unsatisfying resolutions. Avengers is still the near perfect movie.

The juice was worth the squeeze.....Endgame.

Avengers is the perfect CBM. Perfection is perfection. Period.

Endgame is certainly avengers greatest of the saga.

Endgame is flawed as fuck. Fun, but flaws coming out the cunt. OG Avengers kills it on eloquence alone.

Yeah, Avengers 1 has to be considered the best ever and Endgame is indeed very very flawed. Looking back after a year, Avengers wins by an even bigger margin now.

Avengers is much better.

The Avengers is a great film, but I personally like Endgame a lot more despite its flaws.

avengers is way better

Avengers is extremely fun still to this day but Endgame takes the cake as it has much higher stakes and considerably better performances from everyone.

Emotionally, Endgame feels better; however, the first Avengers film is better overall because of its more coherent script and structure - it's just not as convoluted as Endgame.


The more focused Avengers