Avengers: Endgame vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Tough call for me.

Lord of the Rings is great, but Endgame is currently the best movie.

Had to think about it....but I'll go MCU over the Tolkienverse...

Oscar had better be paying attention. RDJ deserves to win for Best Actor no doubt.

Never liked LOTR. Endgame is slightly overrated too but it's a far more lively and satisfying experience with the settings, action and characters!

LOTR for me is one of the best stories ever put to film and Endgame is ok but not fantastic. I'm sorry please don't kill me.

Endgame is far the biggest epic best films of the trilogy.

Endgame is the biggest epic best films of the trilogy.

LOTR easily Endgame was crap

LOTR by far

Frodo > Tony StArK

Lord of The Rings un every posible way


Avengers is clearly the better franchise.

lotr trilogy > avengers 1,2,4

Literally any of the LOTR movies are better than literally every Marvel movie besides maybe Logan.

I really liked Endgame, but come on

Never mind about the previous comments fellowship of the ring mauls here