Avengers: Endgame vs. Logan



Endgame delivered even moreso than Logan. Moving and powerful and how all films will be measured forever.

Endgame is a very satisfying conclusion and a very good film but it does suffer from how clunky the second act is. It's still incredibly fun though. Logan is a flat-out masterpiece! The realistic action is incredible but it's the characters that make it so emotionally satisfying! And Logan stands as it's own film better!

Endgame is easily the better film.

Endgame, but Logan is such a goddamn good movie.

Logan easily

Both have the greatest deaths of Iron Man and Wolverine but Endgame delivered the best watchable conclusion.

Logan is absolutely great but definitely Endgame has great epic watchable moments.

Me so sad...

Yep, still crying on the inside.

Both great endings to their franchises, Logan wins due to a better story and way less flawed

Logan stomps. Endgame is very flawed even tho it's still satisfying

Pure entertainment doesn't beat pure art here.

Toooooooony....... Loooooooooogan.......... WHY WHY WHY? *tears* *tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears*WHY?WHY?*tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears**tears*

both really emotional, but logan is a far better film and conclusion than endgame

Endgame wins, but this was brutally tough...