Rear Window vs. Shadow of a Doubt



Two of my all time favorite films, two of my favorite Hitchcock films..Rear Window is better.

Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock film.

I think Hitchcock may be the only person in the world that like Shadow of a Doubt more than Rear Window. :-/

Rear Window is definitely surperior

I think I actually prefer Shadow of a Doubt. It was a bit more intriguing because it kept you in doubt throughout the entire movie.

The Lord Sandman or The Lords and Man?

Rear Window in a mugging...

The Lord Sandman (and I still think I prefer Shadow of a Doubt).

Rear Window, although I'd consider both lesser Hitchcock films.

Ooooooo.... an Alfred Hitchcock battle royale! AWESOME!

two of my favourite women. rear window wins.