Rear Window vs. North by Northwest



The ultimate Hitchcock showdown. I almost need to flip a coin on this one. Going with Rear Window.

Stop giving me this one! Too painful!

Well, Jimmy Stewart "just" swings it for me.

Wow! Very hard. But i go with Rear Window.

Was never too thrilled with NxNW, or any other time Hitch attempted comedy. REAR WINDOW is one of his finest, a very successful experiment and an excellent example of his strengths as a storyteller.

Very very tough! I go with Rear Window!

God i love Hitchcock,he's my all time favorite director. These movies are both outstanding and i adore them equally. Rear Window gets my vote because it's pure genius. It's so cleaver and gets better and better every time you see it. This was NOT an easy choice to make.

This is quite close but Grace Kelly wins it for Rear Window.

As much as I love Rear Window, it has to be North by Northwest. Rear Window is brilliant both despite and because of its self-imposed constraints, but I cannot deny North by Northwest and Ernest Lehman's fabulous screenplay.

Oh boy, this is so painful. But I'm going with Rear Window. :'( for North by Northwest.

very hard decision, but Rear Window will get this one

Two of my favorite Hitchcock movies, but I think Rear Window is a bit better. And yes, Grace Kelly is way hotter than Eva Marie Saint.


North by Northwest is still the Hitchcock film that defines him at what he does suspense. Rear Window is right up there. This was a hard choice.

North by Northwest by a nose. I have 10 Hitchcock movies in my top 200 and I just feel that N by NW best exemplifies Alfred Hitchcock. Comedy, Suspense, Storytelling and don't forget the Macguffin, and don't forget it spawned many imitators.

Rear Window. Period.

I vote for Rear Window.

I really need to see Rear Window again, but for now, I'll go with North by Northwest.

Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock movie. It wins.

I really liked North by Northwest, but Rear Window definitely wins this one.

Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock movie

North by Northwest is my favorite Hitchcock movie to date.

There are just too many stretches in Rear Window where not much happens. The more frantic North by Northwest brings the thrills and, thus, wins this matchup.

I love both of these Hitchcock films, but North by Northwest is just the film that screams out the name. It has everything Comedy, suspense, drama, and the perfect Macguffen. It's a close call, but North by Northwest will take it in the end!

Rear Window is a much better vehicle. Even though I like NBNW, at times it seems a bit contrived.

Guys nobnw is more entertaining and has more memorable scenes than rear window in my opinion . That s why im voting for nobnw . But rear window is awesome too

Superb contest but I still believe Rear Window is a finer achievement. Not to mention this contest is extremely difficult as they are both Hitchcock classics and are both in my Top 20

I like north by north west but no were near as good as rear window.

What if it is better?

The two best from Hitchcock. I love Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly so much that Rear Window narrowly wins this one.

I think North by Northwest is a better film by cinephile standards, but I enjoy Rear Window just a little more.

I have now seen 5 Hitchcock films and these are my two favorites so far. I think that Rear Window has the slight edge.

Rear Window

Vertigo > Psycho > NXNW > Rear Window

My two favorite Hitchcock film. Slight edge to North by Northwest.

It's close, but Rear Window takes out NBNW as being my favorite Hitchcock film.

I've gone back and fourth on these two on numerous occasions. NXNW is the bigger movie which makes it more fun, but Rear Window is the finer film I suppose. At any rate, these two are my 3rd and 4th favorite from Hitchcock after Vertigo and Psycho. Honestly, these two routinely switch spots with me. Overall, they're both top 25 on my chart and I really need seriously consider moving them both up to possibly my top 15.

Like Nononsense, I've been struggling with this matchup. Rear Window left me unimpressed when I first saw it, but it has grown on me considerably since then. In contrast, the long running time of North by Northwest has become more of an issue for me over time (let's face it, the film is just plain bloated). At this point, I have to favor Rear Window here, but it will likely forever be a tough call for me.

"North by Northwest" because "Rear Windoww" is too straightforward and duller by comparison plus NbN is more fun with great dialogue

Rear Window wins solely on the fact that Jimmie Performance is great plus its genius that the films so exciting yet it takes place in one inclosed setting with less than 5 actors with lines Love NORTH a Brilliant film but Window is a bit better.

Hitchcock is my fav director but not by that much I adore about 30 or 40 different ones but he was a genius and a pioneer both are all time favs of mine but as amazing as Window is North by Northwest is epic the Rushmore scene still stuns me Grant as a action guy is unusual but works great NxNW is king.

love Hich so much Love Grace Kelly and Stewart a lot as well the premise and context in Rear Window the story is original and the way its directed and shot is revolutionary and fun at the same time NXNW is a fun adventure that has mystery and slight zany humor! this is so hard but Rear Window takes this!

So many great Hitchock films and these are two of the best. Rear Window for me. Not just because I think it's the better of the two films, but Grace Kelly.

Enjoy both but I think I like Rear Window more.

North By Northwest. More adventure, more snark, more fun, and my favorite Hitchcock movie

What an amazing director, this is one of the hardest match ups I've seen, but Jimmy Stewart jussst gets it

I've always liked Cary Grant more than Jimmy Stewart, so I'll have to go with North by Northwest on this one.

Rear Window does more with less

I remember the last 30 minutes or so being the only really exciting moment in Rear Window, whereas the last 30 minutes in North by Northwest was a bit tiresome. North by Northwest gets my vote, but neither is Hitchcock's absolute best in my eyes.

Rear Window is way better....

I'm going to go with North by Northwest. It's just a very enjoyable trip across the country with electrifying scenes. The crop-duster is one of the best timed moments in film history.

It's kind of odd. I enjoyed a movie that completely takes place in a room more than a movie that takes place all over America. Rear Window wins for me.

Certainly Rear Window! Better acting, better characters, more interesting and even more well made! Just because a movie has a bigger scale, doesn't make it better!

rear window is more compelling in technique, but i prefer north by northwest

Two of my favorite films plus Vertigo. Rear Window is a masterpiece and is genius in every aspect. The last 20 minutes of North by Northwest are some of the best I've ever watched. It was truly suspenseful, but Rear Window has to be it.,

North by Northwest gets the slight edge- it has better plot development IMO and it is a more eventful movie. Nonetheless, I wouldn't think it's blasphemous to say that rear window is a better film, its certainly close.