Rear Window vs. Citizen Kane



First comment for this? Hitch's best versus Welles's second best. I'll go with hitch by a smidge.

I think both are overrated, and I kinda don't like how the moral of Rear Window is that you ought to spy on your neighbors obsessively even if people are telling you you're crazy. But that's just me. Citizen Kane has the more interesting script, though I do like Hitchcock's direction in Rear Window.

I don't think the moral of Rear Window is that you're supposed to spy on your neighbors but, yeah, the film is a bit overrated. It's still more enjoyable to watch than Citizen Kane, though.

Citizen Kane, Orson kills it.

rear window is a little better,both masterpiece

nope, Kane owns.

Both are amazing, I'll pick Citizen Kane

Rear Window

Rear Window gets my vote for being one of the most suspenseful films these eyes have ever had the pleasure to witness. But I must say that it certainly wasn't an easy decision.

Rear Window is more enjoyable. I like Citizen Kane, but I'm not at all enamored with it. Rear Window is a movie I feel like I can watch repeatedly, while Kane is one I need to be in the mood for.


Citizen Kane is flawless.

Kane is perfect Far better movie

Kane No question

Rear Window destroys the overrated Citizen Kane in my book.