Rear Window vs. The Birds



The Birds is great for what it is but vastly overrated. Rear Window.


Rear Window is one of the best films ever made. The Birds is right up there but no Rear Window.

Rear Window takes the win. Brilliant setting and finish.

Epic Hitchcock matchup! Have to go with Rear Window!

Oh.... this one is tough. I'll have to go with "Rear Window", such a good movie.

I've seen 13 Hitchcock films so far, The Birds is my least favorite and Rear Window is my favorite.

I'm in the minority here, but I enjoy The Birds more, even though Rear Window is still great.

The Birds is great, but not really in the same league as Rear Window.

Rear Window is a masterpiece such a great use of the camera and shadows with Stewat at his best and Grace looking so amazing Rear window beats a birds film that I really enjoy.

The more times I watch The Birds, the less impressed I am by it. The reverse is true of Rear Window. The dude in the wheelchair wins...

The two Hitchcock I had the praise of see. Both are excellent 10-rated films (and look, I'm 14), but Rear Window wins this at the end of the day.

I'm not the biggest fan for either film, but I'll go with The Birds because of the (camera) shot from the boat to the house. It's somewhat similar to one of my favorite shots in Psycho, from the gas bar across the street to the policeman standing near his car. imo, both shots were unsettling.