Rear Window vs. The Graduate



on 9/29/2012

Even in a wheelchair, James Stewart pummels little Dustin Hoffman. Rear Window wins easily.

on 9/30/2012

This actually hurts. The Graduate was in my top 10 for years. Recently saw Rear Window and it shot strait to #7 on my list.

on 12/1/2012

The graduate win in the top 10 showdown

on 12/1/2012

Hitchcock over Hoffman....

on 6/21/2014

Rear Window easy!

on 6/24/2014

The Graduate

on 6/25/2014

The Graduate, but it ain't easy at all, actually. It's a great movie, in and of itself. But you watch it and you're surprised at how wide it's influence has been. Well, if you were late to seeing it, anyway, and I was. Its fingerprints are all over a lot of what came after. David Fincher's said he used it as a sort of blueprint for Fight Club, and there's no way you can watch it without catching on that Wes Anderson must really, really be in love with it. Rear Window's fantastic, but Hoffman, the soundtrack, and the beautiful sense of melancholy that Nichols conveys keep me on The Graduate's side of the fence.