Lady Bird vs. Little Women



Saoirse Ronan is looking to the right in both of these posters. Lady Bird was very good; of course, it had a few strange scenes here and there, but it was just the kind of story that hooks me. I mean, of course it was just too conventional that she decided to go into men's bathroom and then found out about the dude being gay. Man, that was random. But Little Women was also badly flawed, especially when it comes to pacing and direction. Also, I'm simply not the biggest fan of period films. Coming of age over period any day of the week.

These movies make you want to poke your own eyes clear out of your own head.


The pacing in Little Women was off and it often pulled me out of the story, despite the films over all charm. Lady Bird was close to perfection.

Little Women for better scale, style, characterization, and class.