Lady Bird vs. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri



Two movies we'll be seeing a lot of during awards season. My vote goes to Lady Bird here.

With Lady Bird, my sky-high expectations were not quite met -- with Three Billboards, my middling expectations were very much exceeded. Gotta go with the latter.

Two indie darlings, but edge goes to Lady Bird for more consistent quality while Three Billboards is slow & clunky trying too hard to be Coen bros

Gotta go Three Billboards, but really enjoyed both....


Two of the best films of the year and Three Billboards is the winner here.

super close...really liked both but i'll go with lady bird (but this could change)

Three Billboards. Don't really understand all the hype for Lady Bird

I'm not really sure about this one. Lady Bird is the more enjoyable watch, but Three Billboards was more engaging and had more going on. This could honestly go either way for me.

I enjoyed the coming of age aspect of Lady Bird, and for what it is, was a great film. But it just doest hit the beats like 3 Billboards does.

Don't get they hype of Three Billboards as they kinda forgive the racism and homophobia of one of the characters.

I found Three Billboards much more interesting

No offense to Lady Bird, but Three Billboards is simply much, much better