Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust vs. Vampire Hunter D



I actually enjoyed the gothic-but-stylish sequel better than the original, but neither is necessary viewing except for anime aficionados.

Bloodlust IS the better.

Yep, Bloodlust is better on all levels. I particularly like the animation. In the original, not so much.

It's funny reading these comments about the animation because I was thinking the exact opposite, I much preferred the animation in the original. There's just something about that 80's animation, might be the nostalgic value and I grew up on stuff like it, but I also feel that it adds a real dark, gritty feel that Bloodlust just didn't seem to have. It might have been more realistic and more stylish, sure, but I felt more substance behind the animation of the original and felt it was overall a better film too. I felt the plot was more interesting, the characters more interesting and just overall more compelling and just had a special quality Bloodlust couldn't recapture, at least for me.

Normally, I'd agree with Swinny. I usually prefer 80's-90's animation to the flashier stuff that came later, but I think Bloodlust has got the original beat. Blood: The Last Vampire was another good one. That looked AWESOME.